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   Chapter 23 No.23

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"Whiskey, double, rocks." The waitress murmured half to herself, keying the order numbly into the pad, her eyes straying to look at Fred, who was um, sitting with his pot on the seat of the chair, his leaves faintly reflecting the lights inside the establishment. It was time to do some catching up, Mei thought. She had a nice place to stay for now, a nice guy who was possibly Mister Right, her life seemed to be going along just perfectly – and now she was reunited with probably her only other friend in the entire universe. What could be better? Well, okay, she thought – other than the funny look on the waitresses face as she started to walk away and almost tripped over a shoelace that had mysteriously come undone. Shaking her head, she waddled off wondering just how that happened, exactly.

"That was naughty of me." Said Fred.

"Ah well, never mind." Sighed Cindy with a smile. "It was all in fun. And anyway, at least this is better than Albrecht's. I'm really sorry – I didn't know he would react like that. I only asked for a coffee after all."

"Oh, stop apologizing." Fred said, brushing it off. "I'm used to people losing it around me."

"Still." She added, "It wasn't nice to see him break down and cry like that. I never realized Albrecht was so sensitive."

"Everybody is sensitive." Fred returned coyly. "It just depends on what to."

Before too long the waitress returned with a glass of mineral water and her cup of tea. She turned pale and seemed close to losing her grip as he extended a branch over the tray and gripped the glass in his prehensile leaves. She stared fascinated, glassy-eyed, mouth slightly open and breathing funny as she watched him slowly pour it into his pot. He sighed as he felt the cool liquid trickle down past his roots. If Arborians could smile, then he would be smil

there were several very mysterious disappearances. Most notably, the Dean was never seen again, but the strange mark left on the carpet in his office led to endless speculation among the students, the cleaning company, the FBI (Forensic Bureau of Investigations) and conspiracy theorists around the colonies. Consequently, even today, Dr Gleichstein was somewhat wary of any questions about his student years, and also avoided contact with petroleum jelly at all costs.

A gentle chewing noise was coming from under the lounge table, derailing the Doktor's ruminations. He glanced at the source of his annoyance before returning his attention to his foundering theorems. He despised distractions.

"Stop zat, Vluffy." He murmured softly. "Or dere vill be no doggie treats vor you tonight!"

Vluffy whined plaintively. What kind of a threat was that? There hadn't been any doggie treats for some time now because the old coot kept forgetting to buy any. Occasionally Vluffy had to actually bite him to remind him he needed food. Biting the hand that fed him did worry Vluffy a tiny bit – but sometimes, in order to get the hand to actually do some feeding, it was necessary to nip an ankle attached to the hand.

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