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   Chapter 16 No.16

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The bigotry and phobia spoke volumes about some of the people she had thought she'd known. Their obsession with bathrooms was just plain crazy. Honestly, some people behaved like the world was coming to an end just because she dared to pee or poop in the ladies loo. Not as if the same genii could explain adequately why every single home in modern Terran civilization had only one unisex bathroom facility, and not one for the boys and a separate one for the girls. Duh.

Family do's and reunions after her coming out – those she was still invited to – were sometimes awkward, with some relatives ignoring her and some not. Some people on her home world, including her old friends and co-workers (who were rather narrow-minded to begin with) had ostracized her. A few even went so far as to spit at her in public – and being forced to wipe their own spittle from her face or clothing at blaster-point frequently had a rather traumatic effect on them. Mei always had something of a low tolerance threshold for bullshit, and she felt no sympathy for them at all. Ironically, people who had initially sworn at her and cursed her (and generally ended up in the infirmary) now smiled and waved politely as she passed them in the streets. Things were rather different now. Ah yes, the stiletto was on the other foot!

She ended her career at the Colonial Intelligence Agency two years before because her co-workers were rather short-sighted unimaginative asshats with a propensity for homophobia. They made life very unpleasant for her – and she decided life was just too short to put up with nonsense like that. Besides, there were far better thing

e things. He was sweet. He didn't use her, or just try to get at her body – or her wealth like some of the others did. He treated her with love and respect. She realized with some surprise a while ago that she had already fallen for him. Funny how things like that can sneak up on you. One day you're just slightly interested in someone, waiting to see what will happen – and then suddenly you're smitten, in love and looking at the universe through rose tinted sunsets.

She certainly could do a lot worse, she thought as she roamed the streets of Atro City's up-market shopping district. She loved shopping. It was her one weakness – jewelry stores, shoe markets and clothing bazaars. She loved handbags too, and cute little ornaments with wings. She loved pretty things. She'd only been here a few months and already she had a notable collection of crap and clutter in her apartment. Across the street, a shopping mall beckoned. She'd been there before, but things in the shops changed regularly, so there was always something new to see. Gary, typical male that he was, detested shopping.

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