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   Chapter 14 No.14

The Time Saving Agency By Christina Engela Characters: 5275

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"You're not on Deanna anymore, Mister Beck. You're at the Headquarters of the Time Saving Agency, and you're technically, a man out of Time. Actually we all are here. Except naturally, for those among us who are in fact, women. Um."

"You mean time travel?" He repeated, slowly. "I'm starting to hear Gibberish again."

"You're in no danger here, Mister Beck. In fact, I need your help."

"Well, okay – that's different – what are you offering?" Said Beck, instantly switching into Negotiator Mode. He was getting tired of the 'Mister Beck' thing though. It made him feel like he was talking to his bank manager about another loan. Money he could use, though. Then maybe he wouldn't feel like such a deadbeat around Cindy-Mei. But Scrooby wasn't offering currency. It had no value here anyway. Any money inside the Buffer had already been spent outside of it. Anyway, from his point of view, what he was offering was far more valuable than mere currency.

"A chance to change the future, Mister Beck – your future. Yours and Miss Winters'. You see, certain events have been set in motion and only someone with the right foreknowledge will be able to prevent certain events from unfolding."

"Doesn't sound very profitable to me."

"That depends on what you value. Let's see – how about a chance to save Miss Winter's life? Would that be worth something to you?"

A chill ran down his spine and he forcibly suppressed an urge to reach for that weapon again.

"What do you mean?" He asked icily.

"Something bad has just arrived on your world, Mister Beck. Something

ned the whole Buffer thing to him several, well – non-minutes ago, in a way the made him realize Scrooby must have got an A+ for gibberish at high school and was probably a professor in it by now. This was too much for him. He had a splitting headache.

"I'm having a hard time believing all this, Mr. Scrooby. I really don't have an imagination."

"Imagine that you have an imagination." Said Scrooby nonchalantly. "And it'll all fall into place."

"Imagine that I have an imagination?"


Hmm. That was a novel concept.

"Okay." Gary said, finishing the hot chocolate. He put the mug down and started gesturing slowly and expressively with his hands, his eyes at first closed and then open. "I'm imagining my imagination. Yeah, it's… it's… it's – not working." He sighed. "This all still sounds a lot like that gibberish you were talking earlier." Scrooby opened his mouth to speak again, but he interrupted. "But the bit about Mei being in danger made perfect sense though. That part I'll take at face value. If it's all true."

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