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   Chapter 6 No.6

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Then there was an update to the list of misplaced technical stores, which had eventually been recovered. Sometimes sleep deprivation helped after all, he reflected with satisfaction. Can't afford to misplace or miscount things like the ones on the list before him.

You never knew when you might need to cross an 'i' or dot a 't'. He liked things to runs smoothly, by the book – not like his predecessor, Captain Mykl d'Angelo – a man who had been Captain of this ship so long he had no home to go to when he finally retired a year ago. After almost forty years in the center seat, van der Ku reflected, a man ought to have a back-up plan. His number one retired at the same time, being about the same age. Ripley Jones was a full Commander and had turned down promotion and offers of her own command so many times she wrote a new record in the Space Fleet! The ship's escapades under the d'Angelo's command were the stuff of legend which now entertained the modern generation of cadets at the Academy. Particularly the early period known as the Corsair War, when d'Angelo and the Antares – then somewhat distastefully referred to by the crew as the 'Ant-arse' – braved the hostile space pirates and played a key part in bringing about their downfall. Wild times. Battle and high adventure. Then again, they were happy together. This ship was their home. Who was he to judge?

Next, he reviewed the week's mustering. There were three sick reports due to indigestion (must've been the new chef), one AWOL (Cpl Glent, Starmarines

out any of his past relationships because he hadn't wasted his time on any, at least not since graduating his training class. He was also not thinking about it because an accident due to a lapse in concentration could leave a hole in Time the size of a tram – not to mention a hemorrhoid on the Anals of History. Due to the curious nature of his work, he had no idea how long he'd worked for the Agency – or how old he really was – or how much time had passed in his own time since he'd left. After all, it varied every time he made a time-jump. One day he might just suddenly reappear in his own time a few seconds after leaving, a few decades older. If he was lucky he might arrive before he left and his older self might get the opportunity to try talk his younger self out of it. There were no special awards for 25 or 30 years service at the TSA – and one day, if he lived long enough to retire, well – let's just say he knew there would be no gold watch in it for him. The irony would be just too much to bear.

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