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   Chapter 50 No.50

Prodigal Sun By Christina Engela Characters: 5890

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There was a quick flash, a whirl of motion, and moments later, the apartment was silent and empty. Scrooby, Gary and Mei had vanished without a trace.

* * *

From orbit, Deanna looked as serene and peaceful as always, but today something was different about it. From orbit, you might see the lights of cities and towns during the night with the naked eye, but obviously, you wouldn't see the people on the ground, or their faces, or what was happening down there.

Perspective is important you see, because when most people imagined a blue world teeming with life this far out in the black, they would talk about its beauty – the shallow freshwater ocean, the flora and fauna – the quirky ones especially, and so on. To most people, a planet in deep space that promised life to those willing to live on it, Deanna was a sparkling jewel – a prize all of its own. Which is why it's probably interesting to note that this is not how the owner of the pair of eyes watching the planet from orbit through a viewport, saw Deanna at all.

In the darkness of his cabin, where he sat in an armchair, dressed in grand new clothes that still smelled like the store that sold them, Professor James Eregut McMillen contemplated the power and status that was coming to him with each passing second.

To Professor McMillen, Deanna was not so much a sparkling jewel in space, as it was a piece of real estate that had just changed hands. The computer terminal on his desk in the corner displayed a star chart, with Ramalama at the center. From today, the star called Ramalama was no longer part of the mighty Terran Empire! It had become, in an ironic sort of way, a prodigal sun! It stood alone, uncontrolled, independent of the other colonies – and Earth!

The Professo

ever turns out the way we expect it to, and for Mykl d'Angelo it had just taken a bad turn for terrible. Stranded in deep space, he is handed a chance to redeem the other shipwrecks in his life – his lost career in the Imperial Space Fleet and a lost chance at a relationship with the girl of his dreams. In order to pull this off, he must confront hordes of Corsairs, a crotchety starship captain, his former girlfriend and a particularly dangerous character called Blachart who will lead him behind enemy lines, where he will learn the meaning of trust – but very likely, never return.


At first the discovery of the derelict alien ship had been an interesting diversion. Now the crew of the starship Mordrake had to face the terror and solve the ancient riddle of the Akx. Or suffer the same fate.


Meradinis – home to the once fearsome and legendary Corsairs, had finally fallen to the might of the Terran Space Fleet. Justice had been swift and those living under the name of 'Corsair' faced relentless pursuit, imprisonment or death. After decades of living in fear, the nightmare of the Terran colonies was over at last. Or was it?

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