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   Chapter 48 No.48

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Almost reading her thoughts, Gary smiled at her, squeezing her hand again. It angered him that her family treated her that way, in fact he wondered if they hadn't invited all the relatives around to the family home in the suburbs just to satisfy their curiosity. They'd treated her like a freak show from the moment they arrived – the mother didn't hug her, and aunts and uncles greeted her with handshakes or not at all. All of them dead-named her and used the wrong gender pronouns.

He felt almost as judged as Mei, even though he'd made an effort to dress up. Usually he wore his regular ensemble of jeans. Long sleeve check shirt, boots and cowboy hat, and had his trusty tenmil in a holster on his side. Being away on holiday – and to make a good impression, he just wore, a pair of dark slacks, sneakers and a dark blue long sleeve tee – no hat! The sun wasn't as strong on Mars, but he still felt naked without it! Did he look gay? Gary had never thought about it before! He had no issues with his sexuality after all – he liked girls and always had, and he was so in love with Mei, who was a girl in every way that he knew!

Younger cousins asked her even worse questions – the most cringe-worthy being 'Can I see it?' and 'Does it look real?'

"Don't worry, love." He said comfortingly. "Everyone has those relatives they don't want their girlfriend or boyfriends to meet!"

"Except I have a whole family like that!" She said.

"Well, " He grinned, driving. "Your aunt Muriel certainly got my goat! Wow – what a battle axe! Sorry if I was rude, but I wasn't going to just sit there and let that go on!"

"Not to worry." She shr

t to go home!"

"Actually, I might be able to help you with that!" Came a third voice from somewhere behind them, causing them both to stiffen with surprise. "Although, not quite in the way that you may think!"

A tall male of average build with light brown hair, dressed in a silver-gray suit, seated in one of the armchairs near the breakfast counter smiled and waved.

"Scrooby!" Gary exclaimed as he recognized his friend from the TSA. Mei moved her head round his shoulder to see the intruder, her hair slightly mussed up from the hug and maneuvering between Gary's arms.

"Sorry to intrude like this!" Johnathan Scrooby grinned. "I was in the area, so to speak, and thought I'd drop in!"

Cindy-Mei had never seen or met the time-agent before, although she'd heard about him and the Time Saving Agency from Gary, their adventures together, and so on! She didn't like the idea of time travel very much – it gave her a headache just trying to wrap her head around it – but she owed Johnathan Scrooby a huge debt for saving Gary's life, and for that she would be eternally grateful!

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