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   Chapter 47 No.47

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One of the big boys at the front of the statue groaned with fatigue and frustration, and let the heavy weight sag noisily to the tiled floor of the verandah.

"Why don't we just shoot the lock out? Or blow it up?" One of the other troopers suggested optimistically. Krant looked to Clayne for guidance.

Clayne gave Krant a meaningful look and shook his head. He wanted the Palace taken as intact as possible – after all, it was to remain the seat of government, and the Chancellor had made that very clear to him. Clayne looked round, and decided that the large windows along the wall either side of the door seemed less problematic. They could always replace a little broken glass, after all.

"Hello? Hello?" A voice called rather loudly just at that moment. It seemed to be coming from the intercom pad in the wall at the right side of the door, and sounded just like a doddering, senile old man. "Hello? I say, is someone there? Did someone ring?"

* * *

There was nobody inside when Marla de Bris reached Danielle's apartment in Squareview Heights. It was eerily silent. Danielle wasn't there, and neither were either of her room mates. It was an odd name for a block of flats that had absolutely no view whatever of Lupini Square, unless she actually went out by the main entrance and walked around the corner. This, she knew, was not a good idea, given what had happened – and what was probably still happening at the Square.

Marla already knew the phones were all dead, so there was no point in trying to get hold of Danny that way. Descending the dark stairway, she wondered where she could have gone. Where was Danielle when the shit went down – and where was she now? Her friend Cindy-Mei wasn't o

main attractions – and the smaller ones – like her old high school, and the office building where she used to work for the Colonial Intelligence Agency. For Mei, it was a chance to introduce her new beau to her family, and perhaps to find a little closure. For Gary, it was something of an adventure – a holiday from everything he knew, with the girl he loved – and a chance to meet her folks – that very morning in fact. But things hadn't gone so smoothly in that department!

After being dead-named deliberately by everyone at a family gathering – even her mother, and disrespected and insulted in so many other ways, ranging between subtle passive-aggressive and blatantly hostile by a range of cousins, second-cousins and aunts and uncles – Mei and Gary decided to give it up as a wasted effort and quietly slip away. Mei felt embarrassed and awkward for Gary, who'd received almost as many funny looks from her family as she had, and been bombarded with questions about his sexuality, how he felt about dating 'a former man', when and how did he 'decide to be gay' and so on. She sighed. She did try to forewarn him about what to expect.

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