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   Chapter 46 No.46

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* * *

The streets of Atro City were eerily quiet and empty. Shops that usually hummed with life and laughter were closed and locked. Atro City looked like a ghost town. The only other moving thing Marla De Bris saw, was crabby-grass relocating from the sidewalk on one side of the street to the other as the angle of Ramalama changed. She half-expected to see a tumble-weed blow past.

Vampires being creatures with almost supernatural stealth, moving through the streets unseen was not much of a challenge for Marla – but, she admitted to herself, that was mostly because there was really no-one watching. The curtains and blinds in the windows of apartments she passed were drawn closed. She only saw one patrol – and she heard the sound of the Jeepo motor long before it turned the corner and slowly cruised past. She hid behind a parked car, and waited until the green Jeepo, with four helmeted figures inside, went down a block, and turned into a side street. She still had a couple of blocks to go before she got to Danielle's place, which was around the corner from the varsity – and Lupini Square! That part of Atro City would be crawling with these little fascist wannabes!

Oh well, Marla thought, fully aware how much she was risking for friendship. Nothing else for it, then.

* * *

Desperation can do strange things to human beings. Fear can change behavior patterns, it can cause people to throw their principles out the window – especially if it means lightening their load enough to increase their own chances of survival. Of course, this presupposes that these people actually had principles to begin with

original. The head-end pounded loudly against the doors, making them rattle from top to bottom, the impact causing the statue to ring faintly like a bell. Brown marks showed in the white paint that covered the heavy native lead-wood, but to be honest, they didn't seem to be making much of an impression on them.

"Hit it again!" Clayne ordered.

"Again!" Krant barked, sounding like a good little side-kick, "More, more – that's it – further back this time!"

Krant danced around the team of grunting battering-ram operators until the rear two passed the end of the marble verandah and stood lower than the rest on the top marble step. The rapidly tiring and grunting team charged forward again, managing to stagger forward fast enough to ram it into the door a little harder, making it ring a little louder on impact than previously. A slew of fine gray dust fell from the surrounding lead wood door jamb. Although the artsy and intricate handles were a write-off, and the top of Adriano Lupin's head seemed a little flatter, the doors defiantly showed hardly any damage at all.

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