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   Chapter 45 No.45

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Of course, it was pretty impressive, the way he pulled it off! Getting transmattered out of the car moments after shooting the Prince, and moments before the guy's bodyguards could react and shoot him was no easy trick! That told her he had serious support behind him – people who had that kind of tech on hand, which wasn't easy to get, didn't come cheap… and neither were the skills to pull it off – had to be in the big leagues! She wondered where he'd gone. To a ship in orbit? A bunker underground?

She felt very relieved that she hadn't mentioned that little roach to anyone down here! Imagine if anyone found out she'd brought him here – knowing the results? Game over!

If someone was making some kind of case against her setting down roots on Deanna, they couldn't have done a much better job! Be that as it may, Tracey – poor, broke, frustrated and slightly worried Tracey Ferris, wondered what to do about it.

* * *

Teams of troopers began to set up a few mobile spotlights around the Square in preparation for night, even though it was still early afternoon. There were several thousand people trapped inside the cordon. This operation probably wasn't going to end before midnight, and the troopers in the cordon had gradually narrowed the flow of civilians from the open space of Lupini Square to a trickle, funneling them to a kind of gateway they had set up at the end. There, stony faced soldiers watched those reaching the opening carefully, as they were briefly questioned, searched, and their identities checked or verified. For the most part, people were being allowed to leave after a few minutes, without incident – but every ten people or so, a major in a black uniform would point and sna

s was true, but he was sure he was going to find out!

Still some distance away from the front, Danielle heard the news being passed back, travelling at the same rate as the fear that gripped everyone around her.

"They're letting some people go, arresting others!" She heard one woman say.

"Who?" a disembodied voice asked. "Who are they looking for?"

"They're pulling aliens and gays aside!" A man told another. "Aliens and gays!"

"Fine!" A different man growled angrily. "Let them have them – damned homosexual perverts and child molesters! Get on with it – so the rest of us can go home!"

"You're not serious!" Said a woman's shocked voice in answer. "You horrible, horrible man!"

"What the hell is going on?" Another man cried, "Oh, gods! This can't be happening!"

As the news spread further and further back from the gate, it spread fear in them all. People slowed, some – especially those who feared they would be detained when they got to the exit – backpedaled, stayed in one place, or began reversing to the rear of the mass to try and delay the inevitable. Danielle Grauffis, now near the front, was one of them.

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