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   Chapter 42 No.42

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"In the interests of security and for your safety, until tomorrow morning, I am declaring martial law!" He continued. "I appeal to you all to remain calm! This is a time of transition for all of us, and we would like Deannan society to return to a state of normality as quickly as possible! A curfew is now in effect! Please stay in your homes! Keep the streets clear for emergency service vehicles! Please avoid confrontations with Republican Army officials – they will act in your best interests, but they will not treat non-compliance lightly!

Those of you in Lupini Square, this is now a crime scene! Everyone here will be allowed to leave through one exit! We apologize in advance for the delay and for any inconvenience caused! Please remain calm and co-operate, and everything will be okay!

At this very moment, all media broadcast centers, police stations, and government buildings are under our control! The space port is closed and off limits! No off-world travel, or travel in or out of the Atro City district will be permitted until further notice! Please stay tuned to media for updates! Thank you!"

* * *

As the "General" finished speaking and turned away from the podium, the text streamer at the bottom of Marla de Bris' TV screen changed to 'BREAKING: MARTIAL LAW DECLARED! STAY IN YOUR HOMES! FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY COMPLY WITH REPUBLICAN ARMY OFFICIALS!'

She hurriedly finished packing the last of a few things she thought she'd need into a backpack she used for weekend camping trips she enjoyed in the hills outside the city. After

opposite end of the Square. Danielle found herself in the middle of it all, surrounded on all sides by masses of strangers. There were so many unfamiliar faces around her – and with everyone being so stressed and fearful, good manners had gone out the window – but it was better at least than the pushing, shoving, panic-stricken stampede earlier. It was like being in the center of a queue a mile wide.

Meanwhile, Michael Francis and Felix Clayne who had been watching the crowd being herded away, seemed well pleased with themselves. Francis, who was wearing the insignia of a full Colonel in the Republican Army, congratulated General Clayne, who grinned and nodded his thanks while shaking Francis's hand. Both knew the plan very well, and the parts they each had to play. They seemed ecstatic. If victory and success were intoxicating, then this was their version of being rat-faced in a gutter in Linky Lane.

"Krant!" Clayne called, beckoning to the burly sergeant-major, who approached, halted dutifully and saluted. "Report!"

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