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   Chapter 40 No.40

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Peg's mind was racing. She had no idea what was going on. Yes, she knew an assassination when she saw one – and right now, crowd control wasn't an option – and the mystery of the missing patrol vehicles suddenly seemed to make sense – but what this was afterwards… hell, no! She didn't like this, not one little bit! And with this – was it an army standing outside? She certainly didn't think the action was over just yet! How right she was.

Just then, the man wearing the regulation dark gray government suit and the piss-pot haircut, now standing behind Governor Landry, grabbed him around the neck and poked the muzzle of his side-arm into Landry's back.

"Relax Governor – the party's just beginning!" He said to Landry's surprised half-turned face. "The rest of you – lie down on the floor, toss your weapons on the table – move!"

"What the hell's the meaning of this?" Landry protested. "I demand to know what's going on!"

"This pretty little pad of yours is under new management – that's what! Stay still and keep quiet and nobody will get hurt!"

Jumping into action, Peg lunged forward and grabbed Piss Pot's gun hand with both hands, pulling it back and away from Landry. Piss Pot had no option but to release Landry's shoulder, to follow – clawing at her with his free hand.

"Somebody – do something!" Landry cried aghast as Peg and Piss Pot began wrestling on the floor, both holding onto Piss Pots' gun.

A shot rang out – a sound made much louder by the closeness of the walls in the situation room, and Piss Pot went limp and

cordon of mysterious soldiers met in the middle. Danielle had never felt quite so trapped in her life, but the fear she felt setting into her bones now – that she was certainly familiar with.

From the situation room, Sheriff Peggy-Ann Muller watched the Governor's TV screen helplessly as things continued to unfold.

A green open-top Jeepo drove up from a side street, carrying one driver and two passengers sitting in the rear. Unlike the massed troops, the two at the rear seemed to be wearing black uniforms, complete with what looked like officers caps. It pulled up behind the podium and the driver got out. Looking a trifle nervous, almost like a kid in a school play afraid to forget his lines, and went to open a rear door. The two figures at the rear got out. He saluted, they saluted, and they approached the podium. One climbed the step onto it. The second man stopped and stood beside the step, smiling. Simultaneously horrified and mesmerized, Danielle recognized his face almost instantly – it was Michael Francis!

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