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   Chapter 37 No.37

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His job was a little like being a rock musician or a movie actor, he felt. He got the best of everything, was celebrated by all the official brown-noses in local governments, and wined and dined by the best friends that money could buy and whose names he could never remember. His schedule was often punishing, and he felt frequently lonely and unfulfilled, but he optimistically decided that loneliness was something one simply had to get used to under the circumstances. And anyway, it was easier to deal with if you were shallower than a footbath. Even if you were only pretending. It helped.

"It's time, Highness!" Agent Smith, the head of his security team announced from the doorway. Prince Justin allowed himself to be shepherded by his cluster of bodyguards down the hall, through the door of the penthouse apartment, into the elevator, and directly to the parking garage in the basement.

Once there, he was ushered to the open-top convertible car that would carry him outside into the parade. It was safer this way, Smith had reassured him. There were no civilians in the parking garage – as there would be plenty in the street outside the front entrance of the hotel. There were guards at the exit to make sure nobody got inside unauthorized. Slamming the door of the long black car shut, the Prince smiled and waved at a hotel employee in a security uniform who was taking a picture with his phone.

"Stop that!" One of the body guards ordered, and faux-chased the man, who scuttled back to the exit that led back to the lobby. The rest of them boarded a less grand sedan similar to the convertible, also black, and prepared to move out.

"Ready, sir?" The driver, dressed as a chauffeur asked from the front of the luxury vehicle.

"Let's get t

ated parking areas and walked the rest of the way to the Square. The motorcade had passed his position only minutes before, accompanied by a troupe of noise-makers masquerading as a marching band that had been waiting at a pre-determined location, and tootled off together towards town. Aside from taking down the collapsible barricade and loading it in the trunk of the SODding Jeepo, his part in this was pretty much over for the day. All he had to do until then was pass time. Settling behind the wheel a while, he exchanged banter with his buddy over the com-link, who was sitting in another SOD Jeepo somewhere further down the parade route. They agreed to meet for a stiff drink at Japp's Saloon when they went off the clock.

"Hang on, Mike." His colleague's voice said over the com-link speaker. "Yes?"

A guy in jeans and a black t-shirt who wore his cap backwards and looked like an older teenager, walked up to the Jeepo, stopping by his door.

"Hi." Said the young man, smiling as he took off his cap and ran one hand over his closely shaven head. The Deputy looked up at him through the open window, noticing the plain red triangle on the front in passing.

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