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   Chapter 36 No.36

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The next day was to be a public holiday on Deanna, all due to the parade and festivities at the welcoming for Prince Justin. She had nothing planned for Monday… and Danielle quite liked Prince Justin – she thought he was cute. She would go, she decided, even just to try and get her mind off things, have a nice time.

* * *

It was early, but the streets along the route the motorcade would follow were already bustling with people. Royalists, curious onlookers and people peddling little bags of flower petals, cold drinks and snacks rubbed shoulders with SODs, camera crews and security personnel. It was a Monday, but it was a public holiday – and there was going to be a big turnout! This royal visit was big news for Deanna – even though it was just a very, very junior member of the imperial family – it wasn't every day a tiny backwater colony such as Deanna received such an official visit!

At the Governor's Palace on the edge of Lupini Square, the Governor of Deanna and his staff had already begun gathering around the large map table in the situation room, surrounded by a number of busy and chattering Atro-City officials. The Mayor of Atro-City was there, as was the Mayor of the smaller closest neighboring city, San Fedora – who didn't really have to be there, but would've hated to miss any chance he could get to advance his career by brown-nosing the Prince.

The map table was lit up, and displayed a detailed holographic areal map of that part of Atro City affected by the parade. The liaison for the Prince's security team, a burly looking man in a gray suit with a hairstyle that at be

e – even more so while dressed in his red pseudo-military tunic covered in gold braid and bling – and he was very much aware of it. It wasn't just he who thought so, quite a lot of other people thought so too. Having grown up as a public figure, he was accustomed to throngs of people lining public streets, waving and cheering and throwing bouquets and sometimes underwear at him as he passed. In fact, he rather liked it.

Prince Justin may have been 13th in the line to the Big Chair as he called it, but he was reasonably certain that he would never actually get to sit on it. Officially, that is. No, he was a realist, and he knew there were far too many first cousins and second cousins and uncles and aunties ahead of him in the queue. It was quite a relief, really. He enjoyed this job, doing PR for the state and for his family by visiting hospitals, kissing babies and touring out of the way colonies the actual royals didn't want to set foot on, that sort of thing. At least he got to see something of the universe whose ruler he was supposed to be representing.

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