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   Chapter 35 No.35

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"No." Marla chuckled. "Look – a shooting star!"

"Nice try!"

"Oh, you missed it! It was beautiful!"

"Hah – hah!"

Marla didn't like lying, especially to a friend, but in this case she didn't see she had much of an option.

"I told you." She replied, looking ahead. "I had four brothers."


That's the trouble with lying, Marla thought. One lie just leads to another.

They died would be the next logical step, and the lie would grow, and grow some more.

"I'd rather not talk about it now." She said instead, deciding it would be easier to come back from that if she ever did get around to telling all to Danielle. Perhaps one day she would, but it was way too soon.

"Okay." Danny nodded. "But don't think I'm going to forget about it!" She teased.

* * *

The Sheriff of Atro City, Peggy-Ann Muller, had enjoyed a well-deserved early Saturday night and slept late the next morning. By Sunday evening, Peg was waiting at the space port with ten deputies to oversee the arrival of Prince Justin. It was still light till after eight this time of year, but the big light towers of the space port were on already, and cast a few odd-looking shadows across the vast expanse of tarmac.

The Prince arrived just before seven PM, landing in an official yacht. It was perhaps one of the smaller of the official ships used by the imperial family for trips of this nature, and Peg guessed by its size that it was big enough to carry about twenty crew and a few passengers, including the Prince's personal security detail. The space yacht wasn't exactly small, but it stood out among the other parked ships – mostly beat up and discolored – on the tarmac

ortant job – and if he failed, he knew quite well that it better be because he had died in the process and nothing further could be done about it to him!

That said, Carver had taken every precaution he could think of – that is, he'd spoken to no-one unnecessarily, and left as little evidence of his existence anywhere in Atro City as was humanly possible. Granted, it had meant sleeping in a really low-class motel in an area which McMillen would call 'morally depraved' for a few days while he laid low. He made use of the time to familiarize himself with the city by means of the maps in the kit supplied by his employer, and to go through the steps of his plan. Oh yes, he had a plan alright!

* * *

After a very late morning, Danielle had stayed inside all of Sunday, relaxing. Lying in bed that night, waiting for sleep to take her, her thoughts dwelt on everything that had happened. Danielle had not had a very nice weekend. Like the previous week, it had been marked by unpleasant incidents. The brawl at the Disk meant that even a place she had thought of as a kind of sanctuary, was no longer so.

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