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   Chapter 34 No.34

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"Your days are numbered, freaks!" He snarled, leering as he sidled towards the exit. "You can't keep on doin' what you do, thinkin' you'll get away wiv it forever, unpunished!"

He paused to look at Marla, pointing his crowbar at her threateningly.

"And you – I'll be keeping an eye out fer you!"

Marla tilted her head a little to the side in a way that Danielle instinctively knew meant trouble – and watched as, with lightning speed, Marla's right hand shot out and grabbed the skinhead bully by the throat. He turned instantly as white as a sheet, gurgling, his eyes wide with fear and surprise at the speed of her attack – and the strength in her arm.

Crowbar squirmed, unable to make a sound – struggling to break her grip, until he realized this would only break his neck! She lifted him, still squirming, until he could just stand on his tippy-toes! Marla, barely aware of the many pairs of mundane eyes watching in awe, felt his racing pulse thudding into her fingertips, his eyes looking madly down at her while she gave him a moment to appreciate his situation.

"This is a nightclub, you idiot – not a strip joint or a whore house!" She hissed with biting sarcasm, nearly baring her fangs and squeezing his throat still tighter, until the veins stood out on his forehead. "Both of which, you will find, are and always have been typically a heterosexual convention! I came here to dance and party with my friends, not to have a sex orgy!" Her eyes narrowed and her pretty red lips parted in an oddly attractive little sneer. " – least of al

s clothes had been changed for a short, tight leopard print dress – and not much else!

The make-up job carried out in haste by Priscilla, the club's resident chief drag performer, looked pretty awful on him, and reminded bouncer Mike of an aunt he last saw as a young boy. He smiled to himself, and nursed the throbbing lump on his shin and a split lower lip as he sat on the stool at the door.

Knuckleduster was going to have an interesting time in the lock-up overnight, with anyone he was going to share a cell with! Not to mention when he appeared in court Tuesday morning! The deputy grinned at him, threw the limp, moaning figure over one shoulder, and carried it back to the Jeepo.

* * *

It was early Sunday morning when Danielle and Marla finally left the club and started walking home. It was a little chilly now, and both of them started shivering a little as they walked and talked.

"So…" Danielle broached the subject after about ten minutes of talking about the weather, "You want to tell me how you did that?"

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