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   Chapter 32 No.32

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After greeting the bouncer at the front door, a muscle-bound gym bunny wearing tight black lycra pants, motorcycle boots, a studded dog-collar and a black cap – and nothing else, Danielle and Marla entered another world from the one they had left outside. Lights were flashing on the dance floor, and music was pumping. The place already seemed half-full, anonymous figures moving about in the artificial smog, laughing and chattering loudly.

Something weird was going on behind the bar counter. Marla was surprised to note what looked like a plant behind the bar. Nothing unusual there, except that it was serving drinks with one set of leafy branches – and juggling, spinning and flipping several brightly colored bottles of alcohol in the air with another! Danielle noticed her bemused expression, especially after Marla realized the barma-er, bar…thing, was doing so in time with the beat of the music.

"That's Fred!" She shouted, leaning in closer to Marla. There was no need for her to do that, Marla could hear her just fine due to her finely tuned vampire ears – which were nevertheless still ringing from the deafening din of what passed for modern club music!

Marla nodded.

"He's an Arborian!" Danielle added. Marla nodded again in acknowledgement.

They threaded their way through the crowd of pleasure-seeking patrons toward the bar.

"Hi, Danielle!" Fred greeted, putting down the bottles to lean across the counter. "Good to see you again!"

"Hi, Fred! Thanks!" Danny shouted back, smiling. "This is my friend Marla!"

"Hello, Marla!" Fred shouted back, wiggling the tip of a

be at the Disk – and it would have to stay strictly above the belt as far as she was concerned. Assuming there was indeed such a thing at all as a nice guy.

Fred was wiping the bar counter, and Marla noticed he seemed slightly distracted. The only way she noticed this is, that he seemed to be wiping the bar counter, rather slowly, and just the same spot. Whatever passed for his head appeared to be tilted slightly towards the door.

Marla's keen senses meant she picked it up before Danielle, but after a few moments, even Danielle could hear there was something nasty going on at the front door. The patrons near the entrance had also paused and were curiously and nervously observing. The bouncer seemed to be in a shouting match with a couple of guys outside the door. The bouncer almost filled the doorway, so it wasn't possible to see who he was arguing with.

"Come on, dude!" She heard an angry male voice outside say. "Let us in!"

"Yeah!" Another male voice joined in, "It's a free world, innit? We wanna see the show!"

"Yeah – the freak show!"

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