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   Chapter 31 No.31

Prodigal Sun By Christina Engela Characters: 5547

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"At midnight on Sunday, troops from our secret training camps in three locations outside the three largest cities on Deanna – Atro City, San Fedora, and Fortitude, will break camp and board convoys of closed cargo trucks bound by road for those cities. Alpha Base's troops – designated Force 'A', will arrive at these four warehouses in the warehouse district, where under cover of darkness, they will debark and wait for their activation signal. In the meantime, Force 'B' will take up strategic positions here in San Fedora, and Force 'C' will deploy here and here. That will be most of our troops deployed, gentlemen, around nine thousand!"

"That's going to be a huge logistical exercise!" One of the others seated at the table – who happened to be Michael Francis – remarked.

"Oh yes!" Clayne agreed, looking up at them. "Hyuge!"

"Gentlemen, " Clayne continued. "It's important that you all realize, aside from our combat troops on the ground, our agents will be present at all the key posts outlined in Section 12 of the Operations Plan. They will be identifiable by these t-shirts." He said, pointing at the black t-shirt he was wearing, which bore a red triangle on the front and another identical triangle on the back "So our troops don't get confused about who is on our side! The triangle isn't a symbol – it doesn't mean anything, it's just a simple recognition device. Very little resistance is anticipated, and so far we seem to have maintained the vital element of surprise!"

"Surpriiiise!" Francis added, triggering a round of stifled giggles. Clayne ignored the interruption, and continued.

"By oh-seven-thirty Monday morning, all ou

ouds, and the mad little moon, Ding, shone brightly in the East.

Danielle had dressed up for the outing. Well, more than usual, Marla noticed. She thought Danielle looked very pretty, showing off her legs in a brown three-quarter hot pants, wedges to show off her painted toenails, a modest black pleated skirt, and a red strappy-top with a slightly daring neckline. As usual, her hair and make-up were perfect.

As for Marla, she wasn't out to impress anybody, and had on her favorite pair of jeans, ankle-boots, and a dark red v-neck vest she liked because it appealed to her inner darkness. Her short brown hair was tousled, and her sunglasses were on top of her head, as usual. She hadn't any make-up on – which is probably why Danielle had a fit of giggles earlier and told her she looked like a dyke.

The Plaza was laid out in a triangular pattern with glass sides five floors high. The basement was somewhat secluded, most likely because it had a separate entrance from the usually very busy upmarket complex. As a club that catered to the tastes of several minority groups, it was perfect.

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