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   Chapter 28 No.28

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"Have you noticed anything odd happening on Deanna of late?" Vernon asked.

"Odd?" Marla repeated, considering the question. "You mean aside from the sudden increase in guys wearing that new hairstyle? 'Skin head' I think they call it? The Jim-waian temple that got torched last week – and the interesting slogans left on the walls by the perpetrators? Or the thirteen students who were beaten up last night by people with that same curious hairstyle? Oh wait – maybe you mean the secret meetings at the varsity about – what was it my friend Danielle said they called it – 'Monsters In Our Midst'?"

Uncle Vernon looked relieved. In fact, a little of the tension that had bunched up in his shoulders seemed to ebb away.

"That's what I always liked about you, Marla – you notice things." Vernon breathed, glancing round furtively to ensure they were not being watched or listened to.

"That's exactly what I want to talk to you about!" He said in a low tone.

"I know you, Uncle Vernon!" Marla smiled at him. "You're always in up to your fangs in intrigue! What's this about?"

Vernon's gaze dropped to the table for a moment, and he shook his head. She could sense his worry from where she sat. Then he looked up at her, in the eyes.

"Something's coming!" He said, almost as a whisper. "Something bad is about to happen on Deanna! The mundane authorities are unaware of what is unfolding right now, in this city! Things are happening at a blistering pace, and I fear it is too late to warn them!"

"What things?" She asked, disturbed by the tension she could see in Vernon's eyes. "What

ted with new arrivals at an increased, unusually high rate! It's been marked at the larger private sector companies too!"

"And this is a new thing?" Marla asked, shrugging. "And it's happening more than usual?"

"Yes, all of a sudden." Vernon frowned.

"And the people being replaced? What happened to them?"

"Some were apparently let go on the pretext of cut-backs, some were put on administrative leave, others were simply transferred out of Atro City, to San Fedora and so on. Some – a few, packed up and left Deanna. Even fewer – like our friend, the Chancellor, simply vanished! The paperwork is all neat and tidy, as expected!"

"And the people taking their places?" Marla asked, growing tense too. She could feel this was building up to a climax of sorts, and it wasn't going to be an enjoyable one!

"People with all the wrong connections, many with criminal records. The two major common threads they have are connections to covert conservative right-wing organizations on Earth as well as in other places – and their demographics of course."

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