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   Chapter 27 No.27

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McMillen gave her a cold, hostile look, while tapping a finger on the desktop with apparent irritation.

"Sheriff, if you catch anyone breaking the law, I expect you will arrest them and let justice take its course! Good luck with your investigation! I'm a very busy man, and you've taken up enough of my time with these charades! This interview is over! Good day to you!"

Peg rose, allowing a triumphant little smile to play on her lips.

"Thanks for your time." She said, and satisfied with the outcome of her little interview with Professor McMillen, she opened the office door and left it to swing all the way open behind her as she walked out. McMillen was being dishonest about something, she knew. About what, she wasn't sure as yet, but there was something going on, and she was sure he was part of it in some way.

* * *

Vernon Carridene's nostrils flared almost imperceptibly in the shadow and dim light of the Insug'h Bahss – the Jim-waian café on the corner of Lupus and Grain streets in the lower down-town center of Atro City.

It wasn't just the faint scent of blood – human and Jim-waian – in the air, perceptible only to their kind… it was also the thick, sweet scent of incense coming from the burners mounted on the walls that almost masked it. From across the small hexagonal table, Marla could still – given her night-sense, make out the fine silvery-gray hairs at his temples, and the places where they merged with the rest of his neatly combed hair – which was jet black and tended to remind Marla just a little of Bella Lugosi.

Vernon was one of the Elders in the local

-stations – which in her view included pretty much all of them – should be rated 'R' or simply banned outright.

"So." Uncle Vernon opened, smiling briefly. "How are you doing, Marla?"

"Fine thank you, Uncle V." She replied. "All good actually. I've started studying again, Anthropology this time – and I've made a few new friends."

"That's nice, dear." Vernon nodded. "Friends are a good thing, especially if you can make them last a lifetime."

She shrugged. "I think you know how rare that is these days."

"Have you been feeding alright? You seem well enough."

"Yes, Uncle." She smiled. The politeness and niceties of vampire culture were not all that different to mundane families. 'Remember to eat all your greens.' Or in this case, reds etcetera. "I don't have a donor at the moment, so I make regular visits to the House for that."

"Good." Said Vernon, gathering his thoughts. "Good."

"So, what did you want to see me about?" Marla asked. Not that she didn't have time for Uncle Vernon, but there were other things she would rather be doing.

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