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   Chapter 26 No.26

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"Professor, please." McMillen interjected.

"Professor." Peg smiled, pausing in opening the small book at a blank page to make an effort to look the man in the eye. "Right, Professor. I'm investigating a meeting that was supposed to have taken place on the campus grounds last night."

"A meeting?" McMillan asked, still smiling. "This is a university, dear lady. Many meetings are held here."

"Well this meeting was slightly unusual, Professor – you see, we received complaints from some students at this facility about a meeting that was allegedly organized by a student body or society called -" She looked down to consult her notes, "The Deannan Service League?"

"The what?" McMillen asked softly, regarding her in what looked like a casual fashion, but she had the feeling he was sizing her up, feeling her out. Peg was already under the impression that some kind of game was being played.

"The Deannan Service League."

McMillan picked up a shiny silver stylus from the desk and began playing with it, running it between his fingers, still smiling at her.

"Never heard of it." He smiled.

"Yes, that's what my deputy was told this morning when he called your Secretary." Peg smiled back. "He was also told no such meeting had taken place here."

"Ms. Muller, you have to -"

"Sheriff, please." Peg interjected. Two could play that game. "I'm on duty, if you don't mind."

"Sheriff." McMillen said, before locking eyes with her for a brief moment. "You need to understand, there are hundreds of student societies at ACU. Literally hundreds. And that's only the officially registered societies. I'm certain I've n

She continued.

"On the other hand, Professor – if these people are lying – all twenty seven of them, it means that at least twenty seven of your students have some kind of beef with you, or this is a practical joke of some kind that went wrong – badly wrong – aside from the serious abuse of our department's resources spent investigating false claims!"

"Hmm." McMillen nodded sullenly. "Perhaps you should assume that is the case, Sheriff! After all, if any such groups existed at ACU, I would know about them! Now, is there anything else?"

"Yes, Professor, there is. In addition to the alleged meeting that you say never took place on campus, thirteen assaults occurred in the hours immediately after this meeting… not on your campus grounds, perhaps – but all certainly in the very near vicinity. The descriptions of the assailants closely match those of some of the representatives of this alleged society that hosted the meeting – er, that is, the meeting you claim never happened, hosted by the society which you claim doesn't exist! That's quite some damn prank, Professor!"

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