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   Chapter 25 No.25

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Keeping the ancient Chinese curse in mind, Scrooby anticipated that the obscure Terran colony at the outskirts of Terran space was entering what could only be called 'interesting times' – or, in Deanna's unique case, 'more interesting times than usual'.

It was a different time, and a different place – and different as only Deanna could be – and it was seldom boring. A small lump bobbed in Scrooby's throat. It was more than just history – it was his life. Being Human meant something to him – something very special. How could it not be, when he had the unbelievable privilege of watching the struggles of the Human against the inhuman since long before the time he was born? This was time-space, after all – and Humans were still only ankle-deep in the cold, dark waters of this mysterious new ocean.

Sometimes, the inhuman presents itself in troubling and unsettling ways, as human.

Scrooby went back to the beginning of the scenario, pondering what to do. This time, there was more than just zillions of lives at stake, countless possible futures and outcomes, the all-important Anals of History, the fragility of Time, or professional pride – or even his job. No. This time, it was personal. It cut close to home. There were people on Deanna that Johnathan Scrooby cared about.

The thing that really bothered him was, that unlike his usual practice, this time he couldn't really do anything to stop it. To say it was absolutely forbidden wasn't quite enough. Having been a Time Agent for an er – unspecified time now, he'd been around the clock a few times to know that – and that even making a personal request to intervene wa

, ornately carved wooden door.

Peg was equally puzzled when the door opened and the man who came out to greet her looked nothing like the man in the portrait photo.

"Sheriff Muller?" The man smiled politely. She rose and dropped the prospectus on the small table beside the chair, where she found it.

"Hi." Peg greeted, grasping the man's hand which had been extended in greeting.

"Professor McMillen." The man said by way of introduction. "James McMillen. Apologies for the delay – I had an urgent matter to attend to – would you please come in?"

After politely showing Peg to a seat at the front of the big ornate desk in the Chancellor's office, McMillen sat down behind it.

"Yes, Sheriff, how may I help you?"

"Professor – McMillen, is it?" Peg began. The other nodded. "I was given to understand that I was here to see Chancellor Fielding?"

"The Chancellor is away for a time." McMillen explained. "I'll be standing in for him for the time being."

"I see, thank you, Mr. McMillen…" Peg said, producing a small pocket book and pen from her uniform jacket pockets.

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