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   Chapter 24 No.24

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After a few moments of intense concentration in which Peg enjoyed the first three quick bites of her hotdog, her mouth still full, jaw pumping up and down, she motioned at Danielle to speak her mind.

"I heard from some friends of mine that you didn't take their complaints seriously?" She said, meekly. "About the meeting at the campus last night?"

"Hmmgh." Peg nodded, chewing. When her mouth was empty enough, she said. "The university says they don't know about any meeting like the one described by the complainants. Twenty seven, I think. Some kinda neo-Nazi rally, they said?"

"It happened, Peg! I was there!" Danielle appealed. "They said the most horrible things! Just because they say 'what meeting?' doesn't mean it never happened! Plus, a friend of mine got beat up on the way home by one of the bouncers at that same meeting!"

"Allegedly." Peg said, looking at her thoughtfully.

"No, he got beat up!" Danielle protested. "He's got cuts and bruises all over his face and everything!"

"That's not what I meant." Peg sighed. "Where's the proof the assailant was a bouncer – or in any way associated with the university? Do you have any idea how many people in Atro City right now actually may match the descriptions given by those thirteen people of their attackers?"

"No, how many?"

"I don't know!" Peg countered, salivating for another bite of the almost depleted hotdog. "A lot!"

"So… that means you're going to just do nothing about it?" Said Danielle. "You don't know who the attackers were, so you're just not going to look for them?"

Danielle was right about one thing though – between the clandest

w-ups – but Scrooby wasn't readily one of them. Scrooby had a fondness for the smaller every day struggles of ordinary folk, and lately, a lingering fondness for a small backwater planet called Deanna.

To frame his thoughts, the Gimp War of the early 21st century had been fought with fang and claw, lasted five years – and ended ultimately in the defeat of the alien invaders. For Earth, it was the beginning of great things, a rise to empire, influence over the galaxy and the bringing of peace and prosperity to many worlds…

For the Ruminarii, it was the beginning of the end, a loss of empire, a reduction in status, influence and power, and their bright, savage and ruinous light would ultimately diminish into obscurity. It was amazing that a struggling backward species as Humankind then was, could ever best such an enemy – but, as anyone at the TSA knows, there were still more wars after that, there always are – and although hard fought, their prominence waned in comparison to the more important years of peace that separated them. Humankind had finally matured. Well, some.

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