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   Chapter 21 No.21

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Peg sighed a long, drawn out sigh. Finding the assailants in a city where that particular hairstyle appeared to have recently become quite popular with the youth was going to be real easy – yup – as easy as climbing a mountain backwards, in a sleeping bag covered in axel grease! They could just as well be anybody.

Only about half of the alleged assault victims were students at ACU, and only two of them also reported being at the aforementioned meeting – that's right, the one that allegedly never happened. Peg opened her desk drawer, and rummaged inside. That box of headache pills was in there somewhere, hiding – she knew it!

She tried to calculate the odds of all thirteen possibly co-laterally unrelated assaults happening in virtually the same approximate location of a meeting apparently intended to incite hatred of diversity… factoring in the possibility, however small, that those who lodged complaints about the meeting were lying – for whatever reason… Unlikely. But not impossible. Then she considered the meeting itself – which the Chancellor of ACU had gone on the record by denying it had ever took place. Her mind flopped over and blinked *TILT*. Suspicious much? Something weird was going on at ACU.

Peg leaned back in her chair for a moment, sighed again, and thought longingly of simpler days, before getting up to pour herself another coffee.

* * *

Danielle had gone straight home without any incident, and counted herself lucky. Very lucky. Toby had messaged Danielle late the previous evening to let her know Greg had been attacked on the way home from the meeting, and had a couple of nasty cuts and bruises that were seen to at the city hospital before he went with him to the Sheriff's office to report it. Greg said he couldn't be sure, but he thought his assailants had been bouncers at the meeting. The SODs didn't

ar inverted pink triangles on their clothes and were often shot by the S.S. guards for 'sport' from their watch towers. Often they were mistreated by even their fellow inmates.

Well, Danielle supposed, everybody wants to feel worth something, that at least there was somebody else lower in the pecking order than them… that at least somebody else had a worse day than you…

But who did the gays and transgender have left to look down on? They were the lowest of the low, even in the death camps. And when the brave, noble Allies arrived and liberated the camps, were they not all saved? She was saddened to see the entries that indicated otherwise.

When the Allied armies reached the camps, most of the inmates were freed and cared for, but not all of them. Those interned as homosexuals or 'transvestites' by the Nazis were kept in custody as criminals for years afterwards, perpetuating the cruel system of the Nazis themselves! Many innocent people were persecuted in years to come in their native countries under Nazi laws instituted during the time of their occupation, which were not removed until 30 or more years later! And did the western powers ever apologize for this? She searched. No apologies, no memorials. Nothing.

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