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   Chapter 20 No.20

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Luciferus Krant had been on Deanna for almost two years. He was part of something larger – and he'd come here on a job he said he didn't want to talk about. Martiya's kind were long-lived, and she knew his type when she saw it – full of resentment, bitterness and hate. He'd been born low and lived that way too – and his shortcomings drove him to looking for others to feel better than. There was a lot of fear in him too, and he didn't want to talk about that either. But like most mundanes – especially in her expert hands, he leaked a little more information when she squeezed just a bit harder in the right places. And the things he said, she understood a lot better than most girls in her trade – and she didn't mean that one! In fact, she found them most disturbing, even after he had just fallen asleep.

Her eyes impassively traced the lines of his sleeping body, the slow regular rise and fall of his belly as he sank deeper into a blissful sleep. While she found him to be an awful, detestable human being, she also felt a swell of pity for the little boy this man had once been.

"Guv'nor fucken Landry." Were Krant's last words, muttered softly just before he faded away. The name still burning hotly in her ears, Martiya stealthily rose from the bed and, light as air, draped a semi-transparent nightgown over her perfect form before silently making her exit from the room.

* * *

Friday morning was busy for Sheriff Peggy-Ann Muller at the SOD office. Among other things on her recently very busy itinerary, there were frequent meetings at the Mayor's Office to plan for the coming parade, and numerous meetings with committees to address public safety issues, council meetings, and other is

during the night through to the early hours of that morning. Thirteen!

"Hasselblatt Road…" She read, "Four Ways Crossing... Fortenberry Avenue… Well…shit!" All the street locations named in the assault reports were in the vicinity of the varsity grounds! Looking closer, she noted that of the thirteen complainants, nine made mention that they thought their ethnicity, gender and/or sexual orientations were related to the motive for being attacked. This might be due to the list of names the nine reported being called by their attackers, including – well, some nasty ones she'd forbidden even in the SOD locker room!

All the descriptions of the attackers given were quite vague, given that they referred to groups of 'two or three light-skinned human males with shaved heads, wearing jeans and black t-shirts'. It was also hard to tell if these alleged assaults were all committed by the same 'two or three light-skinned human males with shaved heads, wearing jeans and black t-shirts' – because that description created problems in itself! The victims were unable to say for sure whether their attackers were also students at ACU.

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