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   Chapter 19 No.19

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Time passed slowly, and then faster and faster for the audience, who had become almost spellbound by the words coming from his mouth. Michael Francis's speech went on about the 'state' of the Terran Empire, its failure to protect 'decent citizens' of the colony of Deanna against what he called 'subversive elements'. These subversive elements he spoke of were everywhere around them, he claimed. In local government, in society, in religious institutions – and even here, among them at the University. Here, in this very room.

'Monsters in our midst.'

Danielle felt numb. For far too long, she listened, mouth agape – and couldn't believe what she had been hearing!

Michael Francis' speech had been demure and subdued at first, but had risen to the level of angry shouting and droplets of flying spittle! The more he carried on, the more he seemed to get into it, especially as he elaborated on these perceived threats, which he named as:

"Sexual deviants, freaks, morally corrupt 'liberal' politicians and religious figures! Homosexuals, bisexuals, asexuals, pansexuals, transvestites, transsexuals, and even atheists! Monsters that go against the order of the divine nature! Even monsters that suck human blood and find their origins in the foulest of human folklore and mythology!"

It was unflattering, to say the least. It was hurtful to Danielle to hear herself being equated with a monster who would burn in some religious hell for her 'corrupt sinful soul'! It disgusted and reviled her. It made her angry! But Michael Francis wasn't done just yet – then he started on the aliens and the non-humans from other Terran Colonies and other worlds friendly to the Empire, whom he added to his list, labeling them 'outworlders', 'apes', '

bs were not illegal, and while they certainly seemed to attract the criminal element in greater numbers, they were limited to operate solely within this area.

An interesting scene was playing out in just such an establishment. 'The Loose Screw' was perhaps the better of the assortment of similar businesses along the length of Linky Lane in northern Lugaluru. Two people lay naked, relaxing on a bed in a dimly lit and rather garishly decorated room upstairs. The action was already over – but tonight, Martiya had a regular client who liked to talk until he dropped off to sleep. And as she usually did, she would let him.

His name was Luciferus Krant. He'd been born on Hesperus 32 years ago – the poor bastard child of a young unwed mother with little schooling, and a philandering up-and-coming politician who had means and power, and had taken what he could while he could, and then moved on – leaving Dorabella Krant holding the only evidence to show he'd ever known her. Work wasn't the only reason he'd come to Deanna, but the main reason he found this job so attractive, was the opportunity to settle a score with the biological father he never knew.

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