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   Chapter 17 No.17

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But this is not the cause of Danielle's sadness, nor is it the root of the turmoil referred to earlier. No, that was as a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time – and for making powerful friends who had even more powerful enemies.

Nearly a year before, an assassin came to Deanna to take on a contract – or, she wondered, was that to 'take out' a contract? She wasn't really sure about the terminology, but it seemed her recently-made friend Cindy-Mei Winter had made some real enemies during her short stay on Deanna! In short order, Danielle was kidnapped, used as leverage, had her face mutilated just for the fun of it – and was then left to die tied to an old bed in a deserted office building. This sort of thing tends to leave one a little introspective and even a little withdrawn and changed – but of course, this is to be expected.

Fortunately, she was supported by a great circle of friends. While she was rescued by a determined Sheriff Peggy-Ann Muller and her Deputies – while Cindy-Mei and the local legend that was Beck the Badfeller, settled matters with the assassin, permanently. Understandably, this was a traumatic event in the life of someone so young who had led a very sheltered life until recently. Thankfully, after a few sessions with one of the best local cosmetic surgeons, the scars had all but disappeared – except for the other ones – the ones that couldn't be seen with the eyes alone.

Meanwhile, Danielle's grades had dropped steadily, her social life had declined and she was withdrawing from everybody. Except for Marla, her friend whom she had no idea carried even bigger secrets around than hers!

The guest lecturer at the center of the floor was a rather quaint, mild mannered old man who t

before passing it on. When it reached Danielle, she opened it. It read, in clear block letters written with a blue pen:


'Patriot's meeting?' What was that all about? Not the student's committee then? Who was D.S.L? It sounded political. Danielle wasn't the type of girl who paid much attention to social developments or political matters. She was the kind of girl who liked to socialize with friends, go out and enjoy herself, maybe drink a bit in the fashion of a young adult exploring new-found freedoms. She was busy growing and developing into the fine young woman she always felt she was meant to be…but she had become more serious of late – but then, considering what she'd been through who could blame her? The note intrigued her – as it clearly did some of her friends, so she decided to go. Just to see what it was about.

* * *

Seven pm came, and after a light supper with Marla, Danielle headed back to the campus. Marla said she wasn't interested in going, saying it sounded 'all too mundane' for her – whatever that was supposed to mean, and added an *eye roll*.

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