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   Chapter 16 No.16

Prodigal Sun By Christina Engela Characters: 6156

Updated: 2018-07-06 19:01

You see, Patriotism is what inspires one group to hoist their flag, even in the face of certain death – and what inspires another opposing group to try and tear it down and trample it in the dirt – along with those who raised it.

This is one of the things that caused the Great War back in 1914 (that, and a poorly aimed bullet fired at a rather unlucky fellow named Franz-Ferdinand). Think about that for a moment. Just one bullet sparked a war that lasted four years and resulted in the deaths of over 16 million people – and ironically, a second war twenty years later that could be seen as a continuation of the first. Round Two was even worse. Nobody will ever know exactly how many people died in both those wars… unless of course, they were employees of that secretive and inevitably clandestine organization, the Time Saving Agency, who in fact knows everything about everything. Rumor has it, in certain circles, that some people in the employ of the TSA have been at it for years, and are still counting.

Bearing all this information in mind, it could also be said with a generous amount of moral justification – that a flag is all the proof you will ever need that any government is up the pole.

But then, as is often the case with such things, there is always an exception – a 'but' in contradiction to the prevailing sentiment and philosophy of public opinion on the subject of the wisdom of politics, patriotism and the consequences of the moral responsibility weighing on the shoulders of human government.

But, as a cautious afterthought, the prevailing narrative at this time went – the flag of the Terran Empire was not like the other flags. First and foremost, its design was unique – it was a yellow, four-pointed star on a white background, but aside from the obvious differences in design, color and layout betwee

ng for any young person to bear. Was Danielle different because she was gifted, talented or beautiful? No. But the reason this young lady was different was because she had been born male. People even in today's world who suffer the same fate are called transgender, and those who complete the transition from one physical gender to the next, transsexuals. Even in the dark ages (the 1990's or so) this state of being was recognized and diagnosed as a medical condition – not as some kind of mental illness or illicit criminal activity. By the late 21st century people like Danielle were no longer seen as freaks or ostracized from society by those who didn't know any better. Except for kids of course, who will pick on anyone who is different – or even because their mommies tie their shoelaces differently.

At first, hardly anybody in Atro City knew Danielle's little secret, except for her family and one or two really close friends – and certainly nobody at the University. But, as with most closely guarded secrets which are shared by a group of people, they don't remain secret for very long. Once taking people into your confidence becomes a habit, there is no going back – you cannot put the cat back inside the bag.

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