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   Chapter 11 No.11

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"I haven't really decided yet, anyway." Said Danielle, licking the back end of the spoon. "I mean, I know I'm female and all." She continued, "But I'm not sure if it's guys I want to be dating. Everything's just moved so fast – and now I'm here. Almost at that Big Op. Boys can be nice, but girls are nicer."

"Well, " Marla added her two cents worth, "You do know that sexual orientation and gender identity are two separate issues, don't you?"

"Yup." Danielle nodded. "That's been covered in counseling."

"No need to worry then." Marla said between sips. "Why label yourself? Labels are for clothes, not people. Just do what makes you happy. Be with whoever makes you happy."

"So serious!" Danielle chided with mock sarcasm. "You sound a hundred years old, Ms. de Bris!"

"Is that all?" Said Marla, feigning mortification. "I must be losing my touch!"

"What time's class start?"

"Nine." Marla replied. "What time is it now?"

"Eight." Said Danielle. "Plenty of time then."

And so the morning continued for the two friends – a blissful, carefree Thursday morning. .

* * *

Jenny Grauffis' often took her comfort in the closed circle of friends who always helped her deal with this kind of thing.

'This kind of thing' referring to strange occurrences that involved outsiders who might put their common secret at risk – A.K.A. the illegal alien living in the Grauffis family basement. Currently, this unofficial circle included the famed local bounty hunter Gary Beck (A.K.A. Beck the Badfeller), former Colonial Intelligence Agency agent Cindy-Mei Winter, Peggy-Ann Muller (the local Sheriff

g the way inside, Peg in tow.

Tracey Ferris had cleaned up a little in the Grauffis bathroom. Her clothes were still a little mussed up and partly crabby-grass eaten, but for the most part, she looked quite presentable. Jenny was struck by what a difference a little soap and water had made, and caught herself staring. After the initial uncomfortable silence, she found her tongue.

"Ms. Ferris." She said.

"Tracey, please." Said Tracey, smiling at the two of them, her eyes dwelling on Peg's uniform and sidearm for a moment, and then back to Jenny.

"Uh, Tracey, this is Sheriff Muller."

"Call me Peg." Said Peg, smiling as she extended a hand. "Pretty much everybody round here does."

After the brief introductions and explanations, Peg shuttled Ms. Ferris away 'downtown' in her Jeepo to fill out a few forms and reports, leaving Jenny to get on with the rest of her day, now several hours in arrears. It was to be a day filled with thoughts of the morning's events, and Jenny realized later with some discomfort, some fascinating thoughts of Tracey Ferris.

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