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   Chapter 10 No.10

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"Hmmmm." Marla mused. She wasn't all that keen on the new flavors people – especially the ones kids young adults enjoyed these days. What the hell is a purple turtle shake anyway? She asked herself before replying: "I think I'll have a vanilla!"

"Si, signorina!" Said Albrecht, purveyor of diverse and fine beverages, and owner of Albrecht's Takeaways in his put-on Italian accent. "A-one purple a-turtle, and a-one vanilla shake! A-comin' right up!"

As Albrecht quickly turned and bustled off to the colorful former shipping container that was his very popular and successful little one-man business at the center of Lupini Square, just around the corner of Atro City University, Marla allowed herself to relax, gazing round to take in her surroundings. In the distance, past the clutter of the many moveable outdoor tables with their colorful mounted umbrellas to cover patrons from the sun or light drizzle, she could see the Governor's Palace on the opposite side of the square. Right next door to it, she saw the mundane's court building. Yes, mundanes always seemed to put a high value on justice, she thought. But their justice only seems to apply to those whom their laws recognize.

What need would a 200 year old vampire have of studying at a university is a question that not only Marla asked of herself. Many vampires used to indulge in studies and the pursuit of knowledge, either to better themselves, or to while away the days. It gave Marla the opportunity to meet new and interesting people, for one thing – and for another, it gave her the chance

returned carrying their orders on a round tray, his little brown upturned moustache quivering as he remembered to put on his smile and said 'graci!' multiple times while placing the drinks in front of them on the table.

"Anything elsa, just a'call!" Said Albrecht in parting.

Marla eyed Danielle's shake. It was purple, as the name suggested, but she was unable to determine how much, if any of it consisted of turtle. There seemed to be a lot of half-melted purple ice-cream and milk in it though, topped with a good deal of froth and tiny, shiny slivers of what she'd been told were little multicolored sugar beads called millions of millions. It looked rather nice, and Marla couldn't help wondering if it might come in blood flavor.

Rats! She thought, catching herself out. She always tended to wonder that around Danielle for some reason. The girl smelled so good to her vampire nose! Marla distracted herself by wrapping her lips around her straw and sucking on her vanilla shake as Danielle took to hers with a long spoon first.

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