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   Chapter 9 No.9

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Updated: 2018-07-03 19:01

Ahead of the shivering and waterlogged Carver and his rapidly foundering life-pod, was the final bend in the Whatoosie River. Of course, he didn't know that. He also had no idea that after the bend, the river would widen into the last two kilometer stretch that would take him through the river mouth and out into the Landlocked Ocean. This might have been a point of interest for Mr. Carver – had he been aware that the heads on the river mouth were marked on the maps as "Goodbye Point" – because of the powerful rip-currents along that part of the coast.

Carver was just contemplating his chances of surviving a swim to the swiftly passing river banks, which were now, er –approximatorially a hundred meters away to either side of the pod, when he heard another roaring sound from behind. He went ice-cold – well, even colder than he already was, eyes scanning frantically for another waterfall. But there was none. Instead, with a 'thonk!' sound, a harpoon lodged itself in the side of the pod, close to the handrail he happened to be holding. His eyes followed the tow-cable attached to the end of it to a small speed-boat. There were two men standing in the boat, wearing what looked like camouflage fatigues, and one of them was holding what looked like a sonic-pulse hunting rifle. That is, if the game were bipedal and able to shoot back.

Half-frozen and tired, Brandon Carver began to grin and giggle uncontrollably with relief at the sight of his rescuers just as the cable pulled tight and a winch began to reel him in.

* * *

It was a beautiful early Thursday morning over Atro City and the star Ramalama was already climbing higher into the sky, making a day of it. Haha birds flew low over the city, always seeming t

eryone around them. They were, broadly speaking – aside from sometimes needing a little blood to get by, quite ordinary people. Boring, even.

Living a life like this, in the shadows and being part of a closed community, made keeping secrets something of a necessity. Even more so when one lived in a space overlapping between more than one community, and interacted with people who were not only unaware of the existence of your community, but who mustn't become aware of it… Otherwise, there might be fairly dire consequences to follow… such as the aforementioned personal challenge.

"I think I'm going to have a purple turtle shake." Her young companion mused, while deep in thought. "What about you?"

The dark-haired girl sitting across the table from Marla was quite beautiful in the classical sense, at least that's how Marla perceived her. She was for the most part, an ordinary every day girl entering her twenties, studying at the local university in Atro City. The two had been friends at varsity for some time now, and took most of their classes together. Her name was Danielle Grauffis – and she had no idea at all. About Marla, that is.

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