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   Chapter 7 No.7

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Needless to say, most livestock on Deanna were on sedatives and anti-depressants, had serious trust issues and wouldn't usually try to eat anything that didn't arrive in a plastic bag that wasn't opened in front of them first. Pets smaller than say, an elephant didn't really last long in the wilds outside the city. Lassie bounding across the prairies? If a dog went off doing that on Deanna, you could probably forget about ever seeing it again. For a while after, people might tell strange tales around a camp-fire, of a deranged animal vaguely resembling a dog that had been sighted giggling nervously in the trees near Blue Echo Ridge.

Farmers tended to live in steel-capped safety shoes. Hers made the usual dull wooden thumps as she made her way down the stairs to the living area of the ranch house. Downstairs she heard the familiar sounds of Mark being busy in the kitchen.

Having someone else in the house was nice, especially since her younger bro- um, sister Danielle had moved out and enrolled at the university in Atro City. Ever since Mom and Dad died it had been just the two of them in the house, until last year when Mark turned up. He'd lived with them ever since and had become an even more important feature of her life now that she was alone. Yawning, she walked through the swing doors into the kitchen.

A tall dark humanoid wearing jeans and a tweed shirt stood at the counter, sorting through veggies and bits of shredded chicken with dark, scaly fingers. It was warm and muggy in the kitchen, but she realized that being a reptile, Mark didn't really enjoy cold mornings. Cold made him slow and crabby. Mark looked up at her and hissed her a good morning in his usual heavy Ruminarii accent.

"Breakfassst's on the table." He hissed.

twist of fate, the former commander of a Ruminarii warship saw his ship and crew destroyed, and he alone managed to escape into the Deannan wilderness – dressed something like a cowboy, except the hat kept falling down on account of the Ruminarii not having any external ears to hold it up.

Jenny had no fondness for the Ruminarii, in fact prior to meeting Mark, she'd never even thought about them – that is, since touching on the history of the Gimp War in history class at school. That being said, Jenny Grauffis didn't care for politics, but she certainly believed in the saying that 'one good turn deserved another' – and perhaps by sheer luck, Mark happened to arrive at the ranch just in time to intervene and save her and Danielle's lives. It was kind of hard to turn in someone who had just single handedly dispatched three big men with blasters, using little more than a small paring knife – especially after the aforementioned gentlemen had just finished discussing at length how they were going to torture and kill her and Danny in a rather slow, messy fashion. Besides, Mark did help them to get rid of the bodies – and she'd agreed to let him stay ever since.

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