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   Chapter 38 - The Opening and suprise (both point of views)

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[Jason Derulo - Marry me]


2 Years later.

"Mr. Sanchez, your car is ready now." My personal assistant said and I nodded my head in respond. Today, is the very special day for me because today is the day I've been waiting since two years ago. The opening of my new hotel in Paris. Right now, I'm standing in front of the mirror and adjust a bit my suit before I left the room. I take my phone on the coffee table and press the lift then get in.

I feel so nervous. Usually I didn't feel like this but today I am. I feel like my heart going to run out from my body because its to fast. I take a deep breath before make my way out from the lift and make my way to where's my car is. My driver open the door for me to get in.

I look at the time and then look at my lock screen that showed Thea's picture. I never change my lock screen to something else. Even if I changed, Its still gonna be Thea's picture because she's so beautiful and I deserve to look at it everyday. For today, I supposed to fetch her up but she refused because she want to go with Alexa. Yeah because today is my special day, Elijah abd his families come to Paris to congrat me. I'm gonna meet them all there.

"Sir, we're here." My driver said to me. I didn't realize the car already stopped because I'm too busy looking at the ring. I'm going to propose Thea tonight. That's why I'm so nervous now. I hope everything work just like how I want it. I want it to be perfect and make this night is the most memorable for everyone who see it.

The door open and I get out from the car. As always, the reporter and their big camera also the flash as soon as I stand in front of the entrance. I smile a bit and then walj inside quickly. I take a breath before continue to walk. The crew escort me to the main hall. I see there's a lot of people who already arrived. I look around and to search for my love. I roaming around the hall until my eyes fall at one woman who's wearing a black gown looking so elegant, and she's mine forever. I smile and walk to her and also I can see Elijah and his family are also there.

"Bro!" Elijah greet me. "How are you feeling? Nervous?" I punch him at the arm because all of them here knew that tonight I'm going to propose Thea but she's got no clue about what to happen tonight. This man going to make my plan ruin. "Chill." He said. I walk to her and wrap my arm at her waist. she looks at me and smile. I peck a kiss on her red lips.

"You look so gorgeous tonight dear." I said to her and she chuckles.

"Well you look h

I know you're a strong girl. I bet your parents want you to be happy if they here now. They want you to smile and live your life. I know you're a strong woman." She said to me and I nodded my head. "Now let's get inside. I think your fiancee will find yu like crazy think that you maube run away from him. Let's go." I chuckles when she said that and walk inside the building together.

"Dear, where are you going? I thought you gone home without me." Joseph comes to me as soon as I enter the hall with Alexa.

"I told you." Alexa said to me. "By the way I'm gonna leave you two now and find my husband and children. Congratulations again." She said before walk away to find her husband.

"Dear are you crying? Why?" He ask me and caressing my cheeks.

"Nothing. I just hope that my parents will be here with me and see that I'm happy now." I said and he hug me.

"They're with you now. You bring then everywhere with you."

"What you mean?" I ask break the hug.

"Your necklace. I know in that locket have your parents pictures. So that's mean, they're here with you." I smile at him. I'm so happy that he's gonna be with me forever. "I love you Thea. I love you soo much. There's nothing can compare my love to you. Its infinity."

"Thank you for loving me and also thank you for the surprised. I'm not gonna forgot about it and I love you too." I said to him.


They're finally getting married soon! Are you guys happy? I can't believe this book will come to the end. So sad :(

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