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   Chapter 34 - Birthday

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[Katy Perry - Birthday]


'Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Thea, Happy birthday to you.'

"Happy birthday our little angel!" My mom and dad said in unison.

"You're getting bigger now honey, that's mean we're going to call you our big angel." My mom got me a cake on the table and bring me in front of me. "Make a wish and blow the candles." My mom said.

"Okay." I said. I close my eyes and put my hands on my chest, then make a wish. After I'm done, I open my eyes and blow he candles. We clapped our hands and then my dad hugs me then my mom did it too.

"Happy 10th birthday to you. Remember that we always love you. Hope you stay healthy and beautiful, Thea." My mom said to me.

"Thea, I hope you have a good life when yu big enough and remember don't get a boyfriend until you're 30 because I don't want to lose you to early." My dad said.

"Stop that Simon. Oh! We have a present for you. I almost forgot that." My mom ran inside the kitchen and walk back to the living room with a box that wrap with the red riboon. "Look what we got for you!"

"Wow! What's this?" I ask excitedly when I got the present. I open it and sequel in happiness when my parents got me the set of the storybook that I really want. I always told them that I like this book and now I got it. "Oh my god! Mom dad thank you so much. I really love you both!" I run and hug both of them.

"That's a relief that you like it. Okay now let's say good bye to the camera and eat the cake."

"Byee!" Three of us said together.


That's it. The end of the video of my 10th birthday celebration that my parents did it for me. The tears coming down my cheeks when I watch the video. I keep replying the same video for the fifth time because I always dream that my parents would cone to me and surprise me with cakes and present.

Today is my birthday. I can't believe its been a week since I stay here. Because today is my birthday, I will go and visit my parents. I miss them so so much. Do you ever feel the feeling that you want to hug someone but you can't, you want to kiss someone but you can't and you want to spend the mkst quality tine with someone but you can't.

I wearing the black dress that stop until my knees. I put my hair into a neat bun and wear a bit makeup but not to much just a light makeup. Then, I wear my black my pump. I take a look of myself in the mirror and when I'm satisfied with my look, I smile then take a breathe before left the house.

I call a cab to pick me up because it quite far if I walk. The cab come a moment later and when I'm in the car, I told the driver to bring me to the flower shop.

After a few minutes, the driver stop at the flower shop. "Ummm can you please wait here for a bit? I promise it won't be long." I said and the driver nod his head. I get iut from the car and quickly walk into the flower shop to get white roses. I pay for it and walk back to the car.

The driver drop me at the place where my parents are. I pay him and get out from it. Before I walk into that cemetery, I take a very deep breath because I don't want to cry in there.

When I walk in that, I can see a few people who also visit their's. I search for my parents because actually have kind of forgot where is it. After a moment walking around it I finally see my parents grave.

"Hey mom, dad. Its me your daughter." You said and kneeling to be more clos

the cake then put it on my plate.

"Fine you win. We still have the whole night together." I look at him and feel weird when he said that. I just ignore him and sit at the dining table to eat the cake.


That night.

Its already 10:15 pm and I already in my night dress while Joseph still in the bathroom taking a shower or I don't know. I left the room and go downstairs to watch the TV.

After a few minutes of watching the random stuff, Joseph came in with only in his boxer. Oh gosh why is he only wear that thing though...

He sit next to me and we watch tv together. I don't know why but I feel this is so awkward like really awkward. "Dear, I'm bored." He said and I still feel awkward as hell.

"Then what you gonna do?" I ask.

"Let's do something that we both can enjoy it." I look at him and raised my eyebrows.

"Like what?"

"Like this." He carry me from the couch.

"Joseph what are you doing?! Put me down or I swear you gonna regret it!" He laugh and bring me upstairs. What the hell is he gonna do to me?!?!

When I'm in the middle of nowhere in my mind, he lay me down on the bed and immediately kiss me. I kiss him back and the kiss become faster and full of lust.

Our lips are never leaving each other as he continues to leave kisses down my neck and near my collarbone as his hand travel down to lift my night dress up, leaving me to lean my head back, eyes closed while I wrap both of my arms around his neck.

Our eyes are staring at each other as we breathe heavily, feeling each other's skin against one another.

"I love you." I whisper neat his ear as he kisses down my neck, biting softly.

He leans back to look into my eyes again, "I love you more, dear."

Just like that, he starts to leave kisses down to my collarbone and my stomach, leaving me to lean my head back on the bed. My heart feels like it's going to thump out of my chest with he way his lips and tongue is doing its magic also the movement of his fingers, leaving me to grab onto the sheets, gripping hard. The next thing, our clothes are on the floor.


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