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   Chapter 33 - Colorado

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[ Justin bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen - Beautiful]


I pack my clothes and the things I do be needed. After I'm done, I look at the time and think I should be move now or else I might miss my flight.

I take a cab and now I'm on my way to the airport to my hometown. The place that I born and used to live happily with my parents. Our house still there and I will stay there for the past two months.

After a few minutes, the cab drop me off i front of the airport and I walk out with my luggage to the departure. Mom dad I'm going home now and we can celebrate my 23rd birthday together as a family like we used to. When I already in the plane, I sit and close my eyes. I usually look out the window but today and guess not because my seat is in the middle and this is gonna be the mist boring flight I've ever ride.

I just decided to close my eyes and sleep but whenever I clsoe my eyes, the oicture of Joseph appear and I need to open my eyes. Why it seems so hard for not thinking about him? I hope he have a better life with the anyone he chose after this. Even though its hard but at least I don't have to see his face for 60 days and I think that's fine with me. Now let's empty our mind and think about something else.


Finally I'm at Orlando after 12 hours and 40 minutes in the air. I finally arrives at Colorado, Denver! Its feels so good to be back here after more than 3 years I didn't come here. I take a breath and walk out from the airport to find the cab to go home.

My house from the airport takes like 40 minutes to arrive. I look out the window and realized there's so much different now. It become more beautiful and modern. "Miss we arrive." I don't realize because I play with my phone and when I look ou

d put it in my pocket. I look around and find a cafe or something to get inside and fill this empty stomach.

There's a lot of restaurant here but I end up to eat at McDonalds. I queue until my turn and I order double cheese burger with fries also have a chocolate sundae with coke. I pay for the food and wait for awhile until I get my food.

I walk to the empty table and put the tray on it. I begin to unwrap my burger then eat it. I'm happy niw because I got my food and its delicious. I eat it until I finished it all then I walk out from the store.

It's still early I think its not that early because its near 11 pm. For me its still early though. I just stroll around the city and see the building and all.

I think I should stay here forever because this city is so pretty. Maybe I should start new life here besides I can visit my mom and dad every day or maybe more often.

Maybe I should stay in Colorado..

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