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   Chapter 30 - I am innocent ( Joseph point of view)

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Update another chapter because I finally finished writing this book! So sad but at the same time I feel happy. Hope you enjoy!


Joey - Wish I never ]


I don't know what to do now. Thea already leave me and half of my heart already gone with her. I swear I'm not kissed Wendy. Maybe I might be wrong too because I didn't push her away straight away but I didn't even open my mouth when she kissed me. Thea didn't pick up my calls nor reply my texts. When I went to her house, she didn't want to open the door even though I stayed there for two hours but still she didn't want to open the door. I feel so useless right now. Maybe she really need space but at least let me see her face. I miss her.

I make my decision to go back to New York for two days, Saturday and Sunday. I need a friend to talk to now. Who knows maybe Elijah can help me like how I always helped her to get Alexa. Now they're happy and my turn to get hurt and all with my love life. I pack my things to bring back and left the house and go to the airport.

After long hours of flying, I finally arrive. "Welcome back sir." My driver said and open the door for me. I get in and look at my phone that have Thea's picture on my lockscreen. I will give you space if that what you want Thea.

I sigh and lean my head back then close my eyes. "Sir, its here." I open my eyes and see the car already stop in front of my house. He open the door for me and help me with my luggage.

After I get into the house, I sit on the couch and call Elijah.

"Hey bro. What's up?" He ask me with happy tone. Lucky you.

"Make sure you're not busy tomorrow. I need to talk to you about something."

"Let me guess, you're now in New York because you have a little misunderstood with Thea rig


"That's... Sucks."

"I think Wendy must already saw Thea or something that's why she kissed me to make Thea hate me so that she can get me back." I said.

"I think like that too. So what do you want to do now?"

"Thea said that she need space and we should take a break from this but I know that's mean she's hurt so badly. I felt so so bad for her. She didn't deserve to feel that."

"Alexa said Thea was crying when she called her last night."

"She cried because of me. I make her like that. What should I do man?"

"I didn't that professional on this thing but for the best, I think you should let her cool down first and then that's when you try to approach her again. Don't be like me. Don't force her to go back to you. That's all I can say." I nod weakly for what he said.

"Whatever it is, this might my fault too but also I am innocent in this." I said and take a sip of his drink because I didn't order one.


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