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   Chapter 27 - Am I dreaming (Both point of views)

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[ Alex and Sierra - Little Do you know ]


Just like he said yesterday that he will come to fetch me at ten in the morning and here is it but not at ten in the morning but eleven but I still in my pyjamas completely mess and of course I slept in. "You're going out with this?" He said when He's in my house. "You know I didn't care because you look so cute and hot in that pyjamas." Cute? Hot? Is he dreaming or what? I totally looks like a mess and he can say that I'm hot and cute? "Oh by the way, I call and text you but you didn't reply. I swear I stand here like one hour waiting for you to open the door." I feel so guilty when he said.

"I'm so sorry. I'm in a really deep sleep I guess. I'm going to take a very quick shower." I said to him.

I ran to my room and immediately get into the bathroom. I brush my teeth, wash my face and scrub my body. Then after a few minutes, I get out from it. When I want to walk to my wardrobe, I see there's a clothes on my bed. I walk to it to see and it's seems like someone just put on this bed. Is Joseph chose the outfit for me while I'm in the shower? I shrug and wear it. At least he have a good taste on clothes. He pick like a similar colour as his outfit. When I look at the clothes he picked for me I can guess that we're going to a like a casual date I guess. He picked blue jeans, white shirt with black cardigan. I look myself in the mirror and then pair it with my black converse. I make my hair a bit wavy and apply some make up.

I wear the necklace that my parents got me and then when I think that I'm ready, I left my room to see him talking to his phone with someone. I clear my throat and he eyeing me from my hair until my feet then smile. He said something in his phone and then put his phone in the pocket before walk to me. "You look great dear." He said and entwined our fingers. We walk out from the house and when we're walking at the lobby the people there just stare at me and Joseph. I feel embarrassed but when I look at him, he just make his cool face.

"What's the plan for today?" I ask him as soon as we're in the car.

"You'll see dear And I know you'll love it. But before that We're going to eat lunch first." He said and start to drive.

When we finish our lunch, he drive us to I don't know where he's gonna bring me actually but I hope I'll like it. After a few minutes drive he finally parked his car and I look around to see that he bring me to the zoo. "It's a Zoo." I said to him. It's been so long since I last went to a Zoo because the last time I went for it was when I'm twelve and that's with my parents. I hold my necklace in my hand and then smile. "Let's go. Can't wait to see the animals." I open the door before he could walk and open for me.


"Then why are staring at me like that?"

"You're beautiful."

"Oh please don't start." She said.

"Start what?"

"Your cheesy words."

"All words that I said to you, I meant it. Really dear."

"Fine. Thanks."

"I'm glad you're my girlfriend now."

"I'm glad you're my boyfriend now." I take her hand and kiss it.

"That's mean you have the same feeling as me. Right." She smile cutely at me. I smile and her back feeling great after I know that she likes me too. Then our food arrive. We begin to eat it.


Today was so much fun. Everything good happened in one day.

One: We went to the zoo

Two: we went to Botanical garden


Three: He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes! That's mean he's my boyfriend now.

Everytime I think about it, I just can't believe that I'm taken by him, JOSEPH SANCHEZ. Am I dreaming?

"Dear, what are you thinking?" He ask me. We're already home well his house to be specific because he insist to say goodbye to me. "Dear?"

"Can you pinch my cheeks?" I face him and he look at me confused. "Just pinch it." I take his hands and put at my cheeks.

"Whai if I pinch it to hard? Gonna hurt you know."

"That's fine. Hurry up." Witha that he pinch my cheeks and I scream because its hurt. But that's mean I'm not dreaming! This is reality.

"I told you dear. I'm sorry." He kiss notj of my cheeks and then peck mh lips.

"Its fine. Not that hurt actually."

"Why you asked me to do that though?"

"Because I just feel like I'm dreaming." He kiss me.

"You're not dear you're not." He kiss me and we kiss until we're out of breathe.


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