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   Chapter 25 - Dinner

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[ Taylor swift - Call it what you want]


It's our fourth day here at Bora Bora Island. I am so happy that me and Alexa can spend lots of time together and some girl things here with Elijah's younger sister, Brianna. She kind of cool though. Well to be honest, This vacation really makes me feel so peaceful and also I can release my stress by looking at the sea.

"What are you doing here alone?" I turn around and see Joseph standing not to far from me and just wearing his short pants also shirtless. Did I mention this vacation is peaceful? Yup it is peaceful but not anymore when the moment this man just talk to me. "You're not gonna answer my question?" He ask again.

"Its not wrong for me being here alone right? Cause it's not like I'm gonna commit suicide or anything here. So now I already answer your question can you go and leave me alone like earlier?" I force myself to smile at him and continue to look at the sea. I need to act cool so that he can't know that I have a feelings for him. He sit next to me but I just ignore him and play with he sand.

"Can I ask you one question?" I hum in reply. "Thea, look at me when i'm talking to you will you?"

"What are you? My dad?" I look at him with bored eyes. "Hmm what do you want to say?"

"Nothing. Just forget it." He said and break our eyes contact.

"Whatever... Oh by the way, why are sitting here with me?" I ask him.

"It's not like I'm gonna do anything to you don't worry about it." We stay in silent until I feel something something on my thigh. I freak out and begin to scream. Then, I immediately stand up without look what it is and start running away from the place I sit.

"Thea!" I hear Joseph call my name but I just running and stop when I think it'


"Thanks. Let's go now because I'm starving like hell." I said and just walk without waiting for him.

"I thought you really want to stay in your room?" He quicken his pace until he now walking beside me.

"I don't want to talk about it." We walk together until we arrive at the restaurant. We order and the food arrive in no time. I look the seafood here becuase it feel so fresh and delicious.

We begin to eat our food in silent. It's not an awkward silent or anything. It just a comfortable silent which fill with soft music.

Sometimes, I think that Joseph is not that bad. He's can be romantic when he want, he can be a jerk when he want and he also can be annoying if he want. I think I'm gonna like him if he throw away his play boy behavior and just stay with one woman. I look at him while eating and he look so handsome to be honest......

Gosh my heart beating so fast and I don't think I can eat properly. Wjatever it is, I need to be cool.


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