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   Chapter 23 - Stucked with him (both point of views )

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Because its new year!

[ James Arthur - can I be him]


Now, I'm in the flight, to be specific Joseph's private jet. His pricate jet look so elegant and scream money. "Dear, we might arrive there at night or dawn so if you want to sleep, go and sleep in that room. Its more comfortable." He said to me. "I'm nkt gonna do anything bad to you, dear. I will only do if you want me too." He winked and that's make my cheeks feel hot.

"O-okay, thanks but I'll stay here for a bit until I feel sleepy." I siad and he nodded his head. Then he walk to other sit that not to far from me and do his work.

After a few hours, I feel someone patted my shoulder. I whine a bit. "Dear, wake up. We're arrived." I open my eyes then sprig up when I see him standing besides me.

"Why am I in bed?"I ask him.

"You fell asleep at your seat so I carried you here. That's it. No I don't do anything bad to you." He said when I look at my clothes. "Let's go, dear." He hold my hand and we walk out together.

We get into his car and I thought we're going to go and sleep at Alexa's house but its not the way to her house. "Where are we going?"

"My penthouse."

"What? No! I want to go and sleep at Alexa's house." I said to him but then the car already stop im front of the building. "I dont want to sleep at your penthouse." I crossed my arms and didn't want to get out.

"Dear, let's go. You must be tired. We have long fligh

d at me. "Why you did that to her bro?" He adds.

"Well to be honest, I just want to spend our night together, you know in romantic way but it didn't ended up how I want to be. She just lock herself in room all night." I answer and Elijah crack in laughter. I spare him a dead glare but he just find it funny.

"Don't laugh at me if you don't want your eyes have bruises. I'm freaking serious, Elijah." I warned him and he nod his head and try to stop his laughter.

"Chill, don't be so emotional. All of us are going for a vacation and you can try again there. There's lot of time." He said to me. I just hum in reply and close my eyes to sleep all the journey.


Sorry for the very short chapter.

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