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   Chapter 22 - tell her (Both point of views)

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Ring! Ring! Ring!

I heard my phone been ringing a few times but I ignore it because I just want to sleep. I can't even open my eyes. So the best thing to do is that I put a pillow to my ear and continue to sleep. I sleep maybe for a few more hours until I heard my phone is ringing again.

"Ughhh!" I'm done with it. I get up from my comfortable place and take my phone at the night stand. "What!" I answer without even look who is calling me. I don't care because this person just interrupt my sleep.

"Woah, dear why so pissed?" I knkw this voice and also he the only one who called me that name.

"Can you please don't disturb me?"

"Look at the time dear. How long you've been sleeping?" I look at the clock that hang to the wall. Its 12:15pm. I slept that long?

"I'm not doing anything today. So its not a crime that I've been sleeping for the past 12 hours or even more."

"That's hurt dear. You actually forgot our lunch date today."

"I never agree to it. So bye I want to go back to sleep."


"What?" I ask him.

"At least let me in then." I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

"What You mean?"

"I'm outside your house, dear. So let me in or maybe you want me to break the door and let me in myself. I can do that."

"Don't You dare." I sighs and walk weakly to the door. I open to see Joseph in his white tee and black jeans looking so handsome. What? Did I just said that he's handsome? Oh my god I must be out of my mind.

"Hey dear." He smile showing his dimples.

"Just go home Joseph."

"Well I'll after we go out for the date." He walk to me makes me take a step back until he gets into my house then close the door. "Now go and take a shower or maybe you want me to help you." He smirk and I cringe. I quickly go to my room and close the door shut then lock it. I can feel my face heat up when he said that.

I quickly make my way to the bathroom and take a shower even though my heart still didn't want too. I get out from the bathroom a few minutes after and pick my red dress to wear. I make my hair into a braid and put some make up. "Okay I'm done. Let's go." I said as soon as I fet out from the room but he stop ne by grabbing my wrist. "What?" I ask him.

r hungry. "You know, there's a reason why I bring you out today." He break the silent and I look at him.

"And the reason is?"

"We're going to a vacation for one week." I stop eating and shake my head no.

"We're not. Why would I have to go vacation with you?"

"We're not the only one who will go but if you want to be alone with me, we can tell them and go somewhere else. That's sounds good too." He winked at me.

"Who are 'them'?"

"Alexa, Elijah, Gabriel, Gabriella and Elijah's family then both of us." Why didn't Alexa didn't tell me anything about this? "If you wondering why Alexa didn't tell you, it because she's been busy with her fashion show maybe she's forgot. So?"

"Where are we going?"

"That's I don't even know. Elijah is the one who arranged it."

"When?" I ask.

"The day after tomorrow. We're going to Los Angeles tonight if you agree."

"Wait wait. That's mean both of us are going to LA alone? Like together?" He nodded his head. "That's fine I'll take an economy flight." I said.

"No no no. You will go with me or I'll buy all the tickets so that you don't have a tickets to sell."

"That's so wasted."

"Not if it because of you, dear."

"Fine. We'll go together. Ugh." I continue to eat my food and he eat his too.


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