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   Chapter 21 - Boyfriend

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[ Louis Tomlinson - Miss You ]


I had a very long conversation with Alexa last night. She told me about everything that happened between him and my so called enemy. I actually don't what to advice her because me myself have the problem with my love life. I'm confused with my emotions. How can I give an advice to someone when I'm like this but I still give her a bit advice. We talked over the phone like three hours I think until I heard Gabriel and Gabriella come to her and take her phone. They just said hi to me then bye after that end call. I think if they didn't did that, me and my best friend might talk all night and all day. We just have so much things to catch up, like so much. Whatever it is, I still didn't tell her about me and Joseph and what happened to us or anything. So it's still a secret but I don't know if Joseph told his brother about it. It's not like I care.

So today, I have a plan with Parrish. Usually he spent his weekend with Liam, his boyfriend or girlfriend I don't know because I never ask but yeah I always alone when it comes to weekend. My weekend always ended up alone. Everything I do alone like:

Watched movies alone.

Eat alone.

Walk alone.

Laughed alone.

Searching for ice cream alone.

Jogging alone.

And even talk alone. But I still not crazy.

I got up from the bed after I do my little strecth. Take a shower and doing all my morning routine before going out to choose what outfits do I have to wear today. Let's see, hmmm me and Parrish are going to do something fun today and maybe a bit challenging, who knows. I'll go with casual look then, I'll go with black and white themes. I wear my undergarments then take my black ripped jeans. After that I chose an long sleeves shirt that have strip pattern on it. I pair it with my white converse. I just braid my hairs and put some makeup on my pale face and ...... I'm done and ready to go.

I take my sling bag then put my stuff in it, tissue, hand sanitizer, my small purse that I put my cash and ID in it, lipgloss, shades, and my phone. A moment later, I heard a knock on my door. It must be Parrish. I take my bag and rush to the door and open it. "Hey sweetie." He greet me then look at me up and down. "You look great girl. That's mean I have a little sister to be taken care of today. I bet lots of guy will look at you with their pervert eyes." I playfully slap him on the face and walk out from the house. "You look so cute today, really." He said.

"Yeah okay thanks. Stop give me the compliment. I'm sick of it. Besides it just a casual look. Come on man." I said when both of us walk to his car. He got a nice car by the way. He drive a black Mustang and this is my sixth time ride his car because we usually just walk if we're going anywhere.

"Let's go and have some fun today!" He shouted in the car after he started the engine. We are having a very g

uld go now. It's fine." I said and he hug me briefly before walk to the lift.

"So I see you got yourself a boyfriend now. How long you two been dating?"

"It's none of your business, Mr. Sanchez. So can I go now because I'm tired."

"Of course you are because you've been out the whole day with your lovely boyfriend until you didn't reply my text and answer my call." I raised my eyebrows and take out my phone from my bag. I see that's a 36 missed calls from from him and also a 20 messages also from him.

"Sorry I silence my phone. So tell me what do you want."

"Have a lunch with me tomorrow because I have something to tell you."

"You can just tell me now."

"Tomorrow I'll pick you up at noon. Hope you don't have any date with your boyfriend."

"Can you please don't say that word? Parrish is not my boyfriend stop saying that he is." I blurt out to him. Then, he smile out of sudden which is I don't know what's the reason. "Why are you smiling. I'm not saying anything funny."

"If he's not your boyfriend then who is he? Why you're so close to him and even go out on a date with him?"

"It's none of your business, Mr. Sanchez."

"It is my business. I need to know who is he to you. What your feeling to him and what about his feelings to you."

"For what?" I ask in pissed tone.

"Listen here very carefully. You belong to me and that's it." I scoffed at his statement.

"Whatever." I walk away from him to go to the lift.

"Don't forget tomorrow our date!" He said out loud and makes everyone at the lobby look at him and then me. I walk quickly to the lift and when it's open I immediately get in.


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