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   Chapter 18 - 24 hours with him

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[ Mash up Alex Aiono, Ar'mon and Trey - I spy, isn't she lovely and Swang.]


"Where do you want to bring me actually?" I ask him when my back start to feel hurt because I sit to long.

"Just keep your delicious lips shut and let me bring you anywhere I want. I have 24 hours with you so thats a plenty of time." He answer.

"Since when I said I want and agree to go out with you today? I supposed to be at Los Angeles with Alexa and her children now not stuck with you here. Twenty-four hours? Huh I don't even stand to be with you for two hours. So why don't you just send me home. At least I can rest my tired body." I said to him but he just drive and focus on road. I sighed and look outside.

"Okay first, we're going to eat our breakfast. That's the first thing we need to do. So let's go, dear." He get out from the car and I get out to before he try to be gentleman open the door for me.

"We're just going to eat breakfast not anything why you take me to a really exclusive restaurant?" I ask him.

"Its not that exclusive, dear."

"Stop calling me that. I don't like it."

"What's wrong with that nickname? It's cute right dear?"

"No not cute at all. I feel like you calling me deer rather than dear. So stop it." I said and walk to the restaurant.

Just then he put his hand on my shoulder casually and walk together to the empty table. At least he's not holding my waist. I sit on the chair same time with Joseph. "Hello, I'm Kay and I'll be your waitress for today. So do you decide yet what to order?" I look at her and she didn't even glance at me because she's to busy looking at Joseph. He order the food for us because I don't know what to decide. The moment I open the menu I was surprised when I see the price. "Is there anything you want?"


"Alright. Your food will be serve in a few." She still looking at Joseph. Joseph look at her and smirk. Once a man whore always a man whore.

"Joseph, I really need to go home after this." I said to him.

"I'll send you home after 24 hours." He winked at me.

"We're not even friends. Why you act like this?"

"Well we can be more than a friend if you want dear. What you say?" I cringe at him.

"Sorry if you think I'll fall on my knees and be your one night stand, you're wrong cause I'm not."

When he open his mouth to say something to me, the same waitress come and serve our food. "Enjoy.." She winked at him and walk away. I look at the food and begin to eat it.


He brought me to a festival in the town. I never been here before because one, I don't have any transport and

is throat. Both of us are breathless now.

"Ummm I think we really should head home now. It's gwtting late." He agree to it and we both get in the car.

The ride to my condo are so awkward and tense. Both of us just keep silent because don't know what to talk about.

Why it takes so long to arrive? I have to get out from here as soon as possible. I can't stand this...

After a few minutes, the car finally stop. I take a breathe of relief. He get out from the car and bring my luggage out. I open ghe door anx get out too. "Thanks." I said.

"No problem dear." He said and he smile at me. A decent smile. I think I can melt when he did that because when he smile his dimples show. I really love a guy with dimples. Drop it Thea, you need to control your heart. You just gonna end up hurt at the end.

"So, I'll get going then. Good night." I bid goodbye. I grab my luggage and walk to the entrance.

"Thea!" I turned around to look at him when I heard he call my name.


"I don't regret a bit when I kissed you earlier, Really. I have a very good day today. Thanks and good night dear. Get inside its getting cold." He said and smile showing his dimples before walk to get in the car.

That's mean, he enjoy the kissed? Really?

I feel my heart make a flip then I shake my head. "Stop it, Thea. He must enjoy when he kissed other women too. You're not the only one." I mumble to myself and walk inside the building.

But spend time with him today was fun.


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