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Well I can say that my life is pretty boring because all I do is work, eat, sleep and repeat it everyday. I'm now in my room and just do my job while searching some idea on computer. Then, I saw a link that wrote about Joseph. It's like two days ago. That's mean it's still new and they probably still together. I click on it and begin to read it.

Joseph Sanchez and Cassidy Rowen kissed and were spotted having dinner together at the 'City Of Love'

Joseph Sanchez and Cassidy Rowen didn't hold back when it came to getting their PDA in a public.

Making a rare public appearance together, the couple was spotted having dinner at one of the popular restaurant at Paris and had everyone around them swooning over their sweet romance. Not only they were spotted having dinner but they were even seen holding hands and sneaking in a kiss at one point.

Later, the same night Joseph and Cassidy headed to the fane nightclub, owned by his friend but we don't who is his name but both of them were photographed kissing even more passionately in the private room.

"Oh wow. Now he's dating a famous model now." I said after finished read the article. Suddenly, I feel like so curious about Joseph life. So, the next thing I did is search more articles about him and also her so- called- girlfriend. Well, I just click the article that one year ago but whatever I still want to read it.

Joseph Sanchez and Meghan Cross have been secretly dating for how long we don't know

It looks like Joseph Sanchez has a new lady in his life! This successful bachelor has reportedly been in a secret romance with top ballerina in New Yorrk. Joseph Sanchez, 25 and Meghan Cross, 24 were said to have initially bonded over their love for each other.

I close the link and just clicked to another one because it's gross to read

top me.

"You already bought a flight ticket before asking to leave? What if I didn't give you any, Ms. Morris. You're really something else." I chuckle at him and left the room. I happily walk to my room and I turn off the computer then take my phone and Handbag before walk out of the room.


Right now, I'm at the airport and my flight to Los Angeles just in a few minutes. I can't believe I finally can meet them after two years. I take a last sip of my coffee before throwing it into the bin. Then, I announcement that my flight are ready. I drag my luggage bag and walk to the it. After a few minutes of queueing, I finally get into the plane. Well get ready to get a back pain again. But at least, three days without any stress about work and most importantly, three days without need to facing Joseph.


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