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   Chapter 10 - Brothers ( Joseph point of view )

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[ HRVY - High ]


Now I'm back at New York and now I'm getting ready to meet my best friend, Elijah. I look disturb him when he do his work. Well isn't that's what best friend supposed to do? Make their best friend pissed. I wear my suit and comb my hair perfectly and spray some cologne. After that, I wear my watch before completely done. I take a look myself for the last time before left the room.

I take my car keys on the table and grab my phone also wallet. I open the door and go out to walk to my car. I get into the car and drive away to go and disturb Elijah at his company.

After I arrive, I give my keys to chaffeur and then walk inside the building. As usual the women there just swooning over me. I just smirk at them and walk to the lift. That's a good thing that the lift open after a few seconds. I get in and then there's one guy who get in with me too. He didn't press the floor that he want to go. "What floor?" I ask.

"Same with you sir." He answer and then I look at him. Je just wear a black jacket and looks like he doesn't work here.

"You want to meet Elijah?" He nodded his head. I look at the file that he hold in his hands.

"What's that?" I point at the file.

"Mr. Perkins just ask me to give it to him."

"Give it to me. I can give to him because I want to see him too." He think for a few seconds before hand the file to me. "Don't worry i'm Elijah's most trusted person. He won't be mad at you for giving this fili at me." I said to him and walk out after the door open.

I stop at the receptionist counter and open the file. I'm not a busy body person but this file looks suspicious. "Do you need anyth

aid and wink at him playfully.

"Ew! What's that for? You're so gross." He said and I laugh.

"Isn't that what brother did?"

"No! Get out so I can do my work peacefully."

"Bye big bro." I said and left the room. I walk to the lift and then when I'm in, I press L.


"Yes sir?"

"Did Thea come to work today?" I ask my trusted person there.

"Yes she is sir. Why?"

"What did she wear?" I ask him.

"S-she just wear a black legging and light blue blouse sir." He answer and I smile.

"Alright thank you, Gerald." I said and end the call. That's a good thing that she didn't wear that kind of dress anymore. To be honest, I love to see her in that dress but I just don't like how men out there look at her. I feel weird when they did that. Its like I feel... I don't what I feel. I never been like this to other women before. That's weird.


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