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   Chapter 9 Annoying

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[ Amnesia - 5 Second of Summer ]


That night, I just watching a random show on television and then my phone buzz. It's Parrish and I open it to read.


'Hey didn't find you anywhere in the office. Are you okay?'


'Yeah, just my body doesn't feel well this morning. Sorry, I forgot to tell you, Parrish

'Are you okay now?'


'I will feel better if you bring me ice cream, dough and cookies. ;-)'


'Hah! Now I know you already alright. Go and buy on your own lazy ass. :p.'


'You're the lazy ass. :3'

Then I heard a knock on my door. I put my phone on the sofa and walk to open the door. It reveals Parrish with a plastic bag and I can see it's the ice cream. "No way. You didn't go and really bought it, don't you? I was just kidding why are you taking that serious gosh." He grins at me.

"Are gonna let me stand here and let the ice cream melt? Or you want to let me in and we can eat it together." I smile and move aside to let him in. I close the door and go to the kitchen to take the spoon.

"You're seriously the best person I know here, " I said and take one of the ice cream.

"Why only the best person you know here? Why not the best friend you've ever met?" He pouted his mouth and I chuckle.

"Nah because I have that one back in LA. She's always the best friend I've ever met. You can't beat her.." He nodded his head and we watch the tv show together while eating our ice cream. To be honest, if this man beside me not gay, I would totally go for him if he asks me to go out with him. He looks like a celebrity with his sharp jaw, dirty blond hair, pink lips, also grey eyes. I continue to eat my ice cream and just laugh with Parrish over stupid things.

We just talk, laugh and sometimes being emotional until we didn't realize that it's already past midnight and we both have to go to work tomorrow. "It's so nice to spend my night with someone like you, crazy and interesting girl." He said.

"Well me too and you crazy too. So I'll see you tomorrow not tomorrow actually it in a few more hours. Whatever bye." We bid our goodbyes and then I throw the ice cream into the bin and make my way to bed after do my night routine of course. Such a long day.


I groan when I hear my phone ring. "Oh gosh, who's calling me early in the morning?" I grab my phone on the on the nightstand and answer without a look at the caller. "What?" I ask in an angry tone.

"I think that's not the good way to greet your boss, Ms. Morris." My eyes immediately widen and now I'm completely awake. I look at the phone and it's unknown number before I put it back near my ear.

"B-boss?" I ask.

"Did you hit your head somewhere hard yesterday until you forgot your boss?" Wait his voice... Sounds familiar. It's not Mr. Gerald but oh gosh not again.

"I-I'm sorry,

ever you go." He commanded. I look at the dress and raise my eyebrows.

"What's wrong with this dress? It's fine though." I said to him.

"Don't you see around you? All men's eyes in here totally ogling at you." I look around and he's right but that's only like two or three people looking at me not all.

"So what if there's looking at me? I'm single by the way. Maybe I can get one soon if I dress like this."

"Don't make me drag you out from here and just eat at the office, Thea." He said in threatened voice. What is wrong with him? Why does he need to care about my look? He's so annoying. Just when I want to reply him, the food coming. I see the waitress slip a small piece of paper under Joseph's glass and then walk away. That's must be her number. We start to eat our food and we eat in silence until we're all done. Joseph for it and we walk together to his car.

It only takes a few minutes to get back to the company. "You hear me, Thea, next time don't wear this dress or another dress like this." He said when we waiting for the lift.

"Why are caring about my look? Stop being annoying will you.."

"First, because I don't like men looking at you like they've undress you and second, this is a company, not a nightclub." He said and we get into the lift.

"You're just my boss and what I wear is not to reveal like the receptionist or other women in this company. So why don't you warn them first before you warn me." I get out after the door open and just walk into my room. I don't even glance at him.

Why does he need to be protective of me like that? That's kind of annoying...


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