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   Chapter 8 Saved by him

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[ Paris - Chainsmokers ]


I and Parrish became so close after we first met. It's fun even though I only have one friend, Parrish but he's always been with me and company me wherever I go. Live in Paris is such a good thing because even though I still don't know how to speak French, but this city is so beautiful and I saw so many sweet couples here. How I wish to be like one of them.

"Ms. Morris, come and meet me at the office now." Mr. Gerald calls our office telephone and I immediately stand up to go to his room. I knock then open the door.

"Ye-" I stop when I saw Joseph sit on the chair in front of Mr. Gerald. Well here we go again.

"Mr. Sanchez want to meet you that's why I called you here." Ugh But I don't want to meet him. I fake smile at him.

"We will discuss this at my office. Let's go." Wait what? He has his own room here? Of course has it he's the boss after all. Stupid. I follow him to his room which is on the same floor but a bit far from everyone else. We stop at the big oak door. Oh this is his room, I thought a meeting room. I always look at this room as I thought a meeting room but also sometimes a bit weird because I saw no one go or out of it. It his room no wonder. He opens the door and let me get in first. What a gentleman. As soon as I get in, I look around his office room and this is so beautiful. I have a huge window glass that can see the breathtaking view.

"Sit." that's all he said and I just walk to the chair across him and take a sit. "So did you already finish your design?" He asks and I look at his disbelief. Did he just want to talk to me about this? Really?

"Yes sir, I already finish like sixteen design. Do you want to see it now? I can bring them and let you see it." I said to him.

"I don't want to see it now but you can put on my desk here before I come. That's it. You can dismiss now." If you just going to tell me something that no important, don't need to call me like this. Jerk! I stand up and left the room.


"What's wrong with that face girl?" Parish asks me when both of us on our way to having lunch.

"Nothing I'm just stressing out." I reply.

"About Mr. Sanchez?"

"Why I should be stressing out about him though?"

"Who knows. Or maybe your heart already falling for his charm."

let you sleep on my bed in my room." His room? His house? Did I sleep on his bed? With him? No way...

"Can you please don't have to bring that up. Things already happened and if you think that I'm not a thankful person why you bring me here and why not hospital?" He just walks past me to go into his walk-in closet then he walks out with my clothes in his hand.

"Whatever. Change and leave." With that, he leaves the room and I go to the bathroom and not even want to take a shower here so I just undress and wear my clothes back. After I'm done, I walk out and see my handbag on the nightstand I grab it and then walk out from the room. At first, I am in awe when I see the design of his house. It's so pretty and he sure has a good taste in decorations.

Then I just walk down the stairs and see him sit on the couch with a laptop on his lap. He didn't even glance at me or maybe say something because of he just busy with his laptop. I roll my eyes and press the lift. The lift opens immediately and I get in.

Why do I need to be saved by him yesterday? Why not anyone else? I walk out from the building and walk home. I guess I'm not going to work today because it's already late. So I decided to just go home and take a rest.



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