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   Chapter 3 New Friend

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[ HRVY - Personal.]


This morning I woke up two hours early because I don't want to be late for the second time. It's only 6:00 in the morning. I smile at myself because I have plenty of time to get ready also have my breakfast in peace. I take a shower and it's freaking cold. Gosh, I turn the cold water no wonder. The worst part is that I only realize that when I already finish the shower. Good job Thea...

I shivering so bad when I'm out from the bathroom. I quickly find the clothes and wear it. I wear my undergarments and then I take my white jeans and pair it with my green blouse. You know, my clothes still in my luggage because of I just too lazy to unpack. Maybe later I'll unpack later after work... Or maybe not. I walk to my vanity table and do my hair. My hair is dull and boring because it's just straight and long. So I decided to make it wavy. It takes like 15 fifteen minutes and also for my face I put some foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeshadow, blusher, and the other thing but not too much just a light one. I don't like to look like a fake bitch. After I'm done with my appearance, I look at the time and yup I still got like one hour fifteen minutes.

There's nothing to eat in this house because I don't buy any groceries yet. I take my handbag and lock my house then heading to lift. I wait a few seconds before the door open and I get in. "Hey, you must be working at J.S Company too right?" The guy who in the same lift as mine talk to me and I just smile and nod my head. Awkward.

He have a really good looking. I think he must have lots of women's crush on the company. He's the type that all women want it. Dirty blond hair, brown eyes, and tall. Probably 6' or something while me just like 5'7. I know I'm short but can't blame me. And fact Lots of guys like short woman right because they think it's cute. Right? Just when I'm zoning out, I feel something poked my shoulder and I'm back to reality. "The door already open." He said and I quickly walk out and not look back. "Hey wait!" I hear him call me but I just let it be but then he already walks beside me.

"Do you need anything from me?" I ask him still walking.

"I want to be friend with you. It's not wrong right and I know you didn't have a friend yet because your new here." He replies me.

"I'm good on my own." I get into the cafe and sit at the empty table near the window. "Why you need to follow me until here? Are you that desperate want to be friend with me or what?" I ask in the annoying tone.

"This is my favorite place to have breakfast and also I really want to be your friend but I'm not desperate like you said. Besides, you look cool and fun to be friends with so why not. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Parrish Nelson. And you?" I sighed and look at him. Well, He seems kind maybe we can be friends. I don't have anyone here so hmmm.

"Thea Morris."

"Nice name by the way. So what's your position in that company?"

"I'm an interior designer. You?"

"I'm an accountant and yeah been working in that company for 5 years."

"And I just realize that you so fluent to speak English. Where are you from?" I ask.

"California. And I just got changed here. That's why. Also, I didn't have many friends here. Just a few but they're just like a colleague. Only talk to them about work only." I nodded my head.

It's turn out to be so fun to talk to him. We eat our breakfast and talk about everything. I like talking to him. He just talks to me like we already know each other for a long time. Not awkward as I thought which is good. And I also know that he's actually gay. I'm shocked at the first place because why is someone

that handsome and hot like him have to be gay.... like what? But at least he's cool. After we finished our breakfast, we walk together and get to the company.

"It's really nice to get to know you, Thea. So, meet you for lunch?"

"Sure." With that, he walks out to his floor and I made my way to my floor. I great the receptionist as soon as I get out of the lift and I got the most beautiful reply ever. She didn't even seem to notice me. Wow. I roll my eyes and walk quickly to my room. I have like 20 minutes before 8 in the morning. So, I just play with my phone until it's 8 o'clock. Well, I'm not the one who will do my job even though I'm early. So let's play subway surf. The game that makes me stress but it's a fun game, by the way, no offense.

Just when I'm nearly breaking my own record, Mr. Gerald open my door and that makes me shock and drop my phone also lose. Shit. "Ms. Morris, just want you to know that Mr. Sanchez will arrive tomorrow so I hope you already finished your sketches or whatever it is." He said.

"Oh, y-yeah I already finished it but only like three of it. That's okay right?"

"I guess it's fine. So I will be in my office if you want to ask anything about the project." I smile at him and plopped myself on my chair. Then the door open again and I once again stand up straightly, it's Mr. Gerald again. "By the way, it's good to see that you're early today Ms. Morris. Keep it like that." He smiles and before I sit, I make sure that he already really gone. I pick my phone from the floor and see that I'm already lost. I wanna cry, it only needs a few points before I can beat my own record. Ughhhh. I put my phone aside and just start to do my work.


"Where do you want to eat?" Parrish asks me.

"I don't know any good restaurants here. So you bring me." We walk to the restaurant and it's not too far from the company. We walk in and it is so pretty on the inside. Hope it's not too expensive. "Parrish, why are you bring me to this restaurant, it looks like the food is expensive. It is?" He chuckles.

"I usually come here to eat and no it's affordable for people like us. Only the place looks expensive but the food not that expensive I can sure you that." Just then the waiter comes and gives us the menu. I pick it and look at the price. It is affordable. I take a breath of relief then order orange juice and lasagna. Parrish orders him too and then the waiter walks away.

"You just hear that our big boss coming tomorrow right?"

"Yeah, and why is everyone looks like they scared of him because I saw everyone did their job so focus like they wanted it to be perfect. He's not a monster after all." I said.

"Yeah he's not but he's so arrogant and kind of a perfectionist. There's one day that he come here and then he fired like twenty employees in one day just because they didn't do their job right." I nodded and took a sip of my orange juice that just serves by the waiter. Not a long after that, our food are served. It looks so delicious and I just immediately dig my lasagna and put in my mouth. It's so delicious!

"Oh, by the way, is Mr. Sanchez old?" I ask him out of my curiosity.

"Used to but not anymore." I raised my eyebrows in confusion. "It's his son who manages this company now and also they changed the name to J.S Company when he's taking over." I nodded in understood. We continue to eat.


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