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   Chapter 2 First Day

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"Let me sleep a bit longer, please... " I murmur and put the pillow over my head then continue to sleep. Then, I feel weird with who did I talked just now when I'm clearly alone in this house. With my eyes still close, I try to reach the clock to stop this annoying sound. A moment later, the sound already stops and I rub my eyes then look at the time.

"Arghhhhhhh!!!!!" Automatically my body jumps from the bed and rush to the bathroom. I undress and then I realize that I bring the clock with me. I have no time to think so I just put the clock in the sink and take a shower, a really quick shower I ever have done in my entire life. Brush my teeth, and clean my face and a quick rinse in the shower then take the towel and wrap my body. Without wipe my body properly, I dash out of it and open my dresser to see what outfit should I wear.

Wow! You're so smart Thea, like really smart. The dresser is completely empty! Give applause to yourself. I groan and run towards my luggage. I wear my undergarments and then just pick a cream dress and put it on. Now for my hair, I make it a ponytail and then my face, I put some mascara, and pink lipstick.

Ughh why is a woman so complicated.

I take a quick look at myself in the mirror before grabbing my handbag and also a file that I need it later. I guess...

I look the time at my phone and take a really huge breath when I have about 10 minutes left. The company not to far from here so I think I might arrive in time if I start to walk now. I left my house and press the lift. The lift arrives not long after that and I wait impatiently for it to get to the lobby. As soon as the door open I run out and start my long journey to the company.


"I don't expect my employee to 10 minutes late on their first day, Ms. Morris." I apologize to my boss and feel so so dumb when I remembered that I almost slept in. But actually I can arrive in time but I just have a breakfast at the cafe across the road that's why I'm late. Well, you can't blame me because whatever it is, food comes first from the other. Well, I guess it just me.

"Okay, I'll forgive you but I don't want you to be late again next time. You can go to your room now." I nodded my head weakly and walk to the door to leave.

"Oh umm Mr. Gerald, how should I know which one is my room?" I ask him.

"You can ask the receptionist to bring you to your room." He replies and I left the room. I think he's gonna be a great boss because he seems cool even though he's a bit strict but he reminds me of my dad actually.

It's a good thing that the receptionist didn't act like a rude bitch but she seems a bit snobbish to me not a friendly person I guess. She showed me my room and then now, I'm sitting on the chair and just look at the file on my desk. Just then, the phone on my desk ringing. "Hello." I pick it up.

"Ms. Morris, I need you to go down at the eleventh floor and pick the file of our new project at the receptionist there. Then, come and meet me after that file is wi

th you. Is that clear Ms. Morris?"

"Alright, sir will do." I put the phone and immediately go and make my way to the eleventh floor to take the file of my first project. I feel so excited about it.

"Hello there, can I get the file which is the new project for this company?" I ask politely when I arrive there.

"And you are?" The receptionist didn't even look at my face because she just to busy with her stupid nails.

"Excuse me Ms, I'm here not because I want to see you color your nails. I'm here to pick the file that Mr. Gerald asks me to pick it and then I can start my work." I snap at her and then she glares at me. She hands me the file in front of her and then continues to do her nails. "You know, I love the color but when you put it on your nails, it's turn out to be super ugly. So I think you better stop coloring your short ugly nails and do your work. Gotta go nice meet you." I smile at her and walk towards the lift.


I knock on the door to meet Mr. Gerald. I walk in when I hear he said to come in. "This is the file, sir." I put the file in front of him and he looks at it for awhile before giving it back to me.

"As you know, this is your very first project and I hope you will give the best in it. Also, this project will take about 4 years. So you have plenty of time to think about the design and all. This project is going to start in three days and also when you done with your designs, you don't have to show it to me because I'm not the one who capable to choose or approve those things." I raised my eyebrows.

"What do you mean by not capable?" I ask him.

"Let me tell you alright Ms.Morris, this company is under The Sanchez Holding Cooperation and of course I'm not the one who owns this building but I am one of that our big boss trusted person that's why I sit here now." I'm speechless. The Sanchez Holding Cooperation? What the actual freaking ... Whatever.

"So you mean there's another person who holding the power of this entire building?" I ask him and he nodded his head.

"You're right. So I think you know all of it already. You can start to sketch your design starting today because Mr. Sanchez will come here and meet you in two days. Oh and the things that you need to know all in that file. The concept, the theme and all that things." I nodded my head and I stand up from, the seat and take the file before walk out of the room. I still can't believe this. Am I dreaming? Hallucinating? Why didn't I know any of this things when I asked for this job? I pinch my cheeks and its hurt. So that's mean, I'm not dreaming nor hallucinating.

Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez

It seems familiar to me but where did I hear that name? I shrugged and decided to search for it later. At least I have a job now. I put the file on my table and take out a few blank papers to start sketching it.


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