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[ Beautiful in White - Westlife]

A few years later


"Gabriel! Gabriella! Hurry up. Both of you gonna late for school. Gosh this kids." I look at my beautiful wife shout for the twins. She look hot though when she did that. "It's a good thing if both of you go to the same school." She said when the twins finally come down and sit to have breakfast.

"Oh I'm not going to school if he in my school." Gabriella said.

"Yeah me too. Even though I love my sister but still I don't want to be in the same school as her." Alexa Just shake her head and we eat our breakfast.

A few minutes later, Gabriel and Gabriella dismiss themselves to go to school. "Bye mom! Dad!" They said and get into the car.

"You know, if you always furrowed your eyebrows, you'll look old than your age." I said to her and he glare at me.

"So you're telling me that I look old?" I kiss her forehead.

"I just said. No you don't look old at all. You're the most beautiful, gorgeous and cute woman I've ever met." I kiss her lips and she kiss me back. "I love you and my love towards you will never go down becuase it's always go high and high." I said when we break the kiss.

"Stop with your sweet talking and now move your ass to go to work." She pish me out of the house.

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"You didn't go to work?" I ask her.

"If I didn't go, I won't wear dress up like this. I will go but just a bit late. Now go.." She said. I kiss her again and then walk to my car. I drive to my company.

"Elijah!" I turn around and see Joseph running towards me. "Why you walk so fast?" He fin

to become a dad again. Yes!" I kiss her and then hug her. I can't describe my feeling now. I feel so much happy about this news.

"Mom? Dad? What happened?" The twins come into our room and ask. "Mom, did you already told dad about it?" Gabriel ask and Alexa nodded her head.

"Got no choice. Come here." They sit on the bed and four of us hug as a family hug.

My life just become so great and I can't thankful enough to god that give me this woman as my wife and this two kids as my children. Thank you..

After lots of things happened back there, we finally can live as one happy family and now it just become more happy when I know that Alexa is pregnant.

The most important thing is that, I claimed her back....

The End


It's officially complete. Thanks to all my fellow readers who's been supporting this book until the end. I can't thank enough to all of you.

Don't forget to read my second book. Also my upcoming books that I'll publish it soon. Stay tuned for it.

Much love from me

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