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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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[ Versace on the floor - Bruno Mars]

The last day.


Today is our last day here. Tomorrow all of us are going to back to our country. It kind of sad. Now, all of us playing near the seashore happily. Gabriel and Gabriella look so happy playing with water. While Thea and Joseph just sitting a bit far from all of us and I don't know what they talk about there but looks like they already in good term.

"Hey baby." Elijah kiss my cheek and sit next to me on the bench there. I smile at him and lean to his shoulder. "Wish we can be like this forever. Don't have to stress about work or anything. Just stay like this." He said.

"I want that too." I said to him.

"It's seem like they already in good term huh?" He point at Thea and Joseph who laughing together under the tree.

"I think they are. It's good then." He turned to me and lean to kiss me. I kiss him back and then lean our forehead together. We stare at each other eyes and then smile.


That night

"Mommy, can I eat shrimp tonight?" Gabriella ask.

"I'm sorry but you can't. You can eat fish, squid, crab, and other seafood but not shrimp. Alright?"

"But why..... " she stomp her feet.

"Becuase, you allergic to it. Not only you but your brother too. I'm sorry honey but I don't want you to be in hospital again." She look down and play with her small fingers. I pull her for a hug and pat her back.

All of us are eating our last dinner here. We eat, talk, laugh and just do lots thing while we eat dinner. It's fun and sure to be a good memories for all of us.

After dinner, Elijah said he have a surprise for me awaiting me in our room. I think his parents know about it cause they ask me if that okay if Gabriel and Gabriella sleep with them tonight. I just agree to it and now, I am blind folded by Elijah and he hold my hand to lead me.

"When can I open it?" I ask when I feel that he already stop.

"Just a few seconds and then you can open it." He reply and I just standing there waiting for him to tell if I can open this blind folded or not yet. "Okay now you can open it." When I open it, my eyes widen cause there's a lot of petals of roses on the floor and it just look so beautiful. Like I can't describe it. Whatever it is, it's beautiful.

needy with every passing second.

I find myself laying on the bed which causes me to open my eyes, realising that he's currently eyeing down my body with a seductive smile plastered on his pants, leaving them drop down onto the ground before he starts to hover on top of me, both of his elbows supporting his body from crushing me.

Our eyes are staring at each other as we breathe heavily, feeling each other's skin against one another as he starts to caress the side of my face, tracing soft kisses on my forehead, down to the bridge of my nose abd last but not least, my lips with a little bit longer than he intended to.

"I love you." I whisper neat his ear as he kisses down my neck, biting softly.

He leans back to look into my eyes again, "I love you more."

Just like that, he starts to leave kisses down to my collarbone and my stomach, leaving me to lean my head back on the bed before feeling pleasure building in my centre. My heart feels like it's going to thump out of my chest with he way his lips and tongue is doing its magic also the movement of his fingers, leaving me to grab onto the sheets, gripping hard. And then you know what happen next.

My life completely change and now I think its become more happier than before. Thank God for letting Elijah and me be together again....

The end


Gonna post the epilogue tonight..

Its going to end *sob*





Much love from me

Little munchkins

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