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   Chapter 39 NO.39

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[ Kris Kross Amsterdam and Connor Maynard fat Ty Dolls Sign - Are you sure]


This is the first time I ride my private jet with lots of people in it. Usually it doesn't even barely had 3 people but today, this time, it have more than 5 people here. I am so happy all the people I love is here.

I sit at the empty seat a little bit behind from Alexa. I just let her talk and catch up with her best friend. While me sit with Joseph here. "I heard you didn't let Thea get out from your house last night?" I ask him.

"How did you know?"

"Of course I know. Even though you didn't let her out, she still can call her bestest friend, Alexa."I laughed at him. "Why you did that to her bro?" I adds.

"Well to be honest, I just want to spend our night together, you know in romantic way but it didn't ended up how I want to be. She just lock herself in room all night." He answer and I crack in laughter. He spare me a dead glare but I find it funny.

"Don't laugh at me if you don't want your eyes have bruises. I'm freaking serious, Elijah." He said and I nod my head and try to stop my laughter.

"Chill, don't be so emotional. All of us are going for a vacation and you can try again there. There's lot of time." I

best friend. I need to be happy for you no matter what. After Joseph brainwash me, I think I can trust you with Elijah now." She reply. I look at her.

"What did Joseph said to you?" I ask and she just shake her head nothing.

We talk and talk until it's become so cold. So, we decided to go back to our room. After I arrive at my room, we bid our goodbye and then I enter my room. Its look like everyone already asleep. I check on Gabriel and Gabriella then walk to my room.

I see that Elijah already fell asleep and in a deep sleep now. I wash my feet and then walk to bed to sleep.

Our first day at Bora Bora turned out to be so fun. Can't wait for tomorrow and the day after that.






Much love from me

Little munchkins

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